Table 2.—Components of Transportation Industry and Industry Output

Industry Industry components Industry output
For-hire transportation industries
Railroads and related services; passenger ground transportation Railroads, including AMTRAK
Switching and terminal companies
Freight car rental
Private local and suburban passenger transportation
Intercity, rural, and other bus services, including charter and school buses
Bus terminal and service facilities
Total operating revenues
Less: Rental receipts
Motor freight transportation and warehousing Trucking and courier services, except air
Public warehousing and storage
Trucking terminal facilities
Total operating revenues
Plus: Trucking receipts of construction firms
Warehousing revenues of wholesalers
Delivery and storage charges of retailers
Less: Merchandise sales
Rental receipts
Water transportation Deep sea and other water transportation of freight
Water transportation of passengers
Services incidental to water transportation, including marinas and other services
Total operating revenues
Plus: Docking and boat cleaning and maintenance at retailers
Federal excise tax on cruise ship receipts
Less: Merchandise sales
Boat repair at marinas
Air transportation Domestic and international passenger and freight air transportation
Airport terminal services
Total operating revenues
Plus: Federal taxes on air fares, air freight, and air facilities
Aircraft storage and services by wholesalers and retailers
Less: Rental receipts
Flight training and instruction
Pipelines, freight forwarders, and related services Refined petroleum pipelines
Other pipelines, including crude petroleum and natural gas
Arrangement of freight and passenger transportation, including freight forwarding
Miscellaneous services incidental to transportation
Total operating revenues
Plus: Pipeline receipts by wholesalers
Less: Rental receipts
State and local government passenger transit State and local government passenger transit Total operating revenues
Less: Operating subsidies
Own-account transportation industries
Own-account transportation Private trucking and bus operations in all nontransportation industries Total operating expenses of highway motor vehicles and overhead expenses
Less: Expenses on advertising, depository institutions, security and commodity brokers, and other services unrelated to own-account transportation operations