Exhibit 2.—Approximations of Manufacturing Share of Real GDP

1977 1982 1987
Extrapolated levels of real manufacturing GPO and GDP
Approximation A (1982 dollars):
Manufacturing GPO640.1 647.5820.7
Gross domestic product2,889.43,149.63,827.0
Approximation B (1987 dollars):
Manufacturing GPO685.2 693.1878.4
Gross domestic product3,427.63,736.34,539.9
Manufacturing share (percent)
Approximation A22.220.621.4
Approximation B20.018.619.3

NOTE.—Approximation A is obtained by extrapolating 1982 current-dollar levels with benchmark-years-weighted indexes of real manufacturing GPO and GDP. Approximation B is obtained by extrapolating 1987 current-dollar levels.

GPO Gross product originating

GDP Gross domestic product