Table 1.—Real Gross Domestic Product by Industry Group: Average Annual Rates of Change, Selected Periods/1/


1977-90 1977-82 1977-87 1982-90
Gross domestic product
Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries3.
Durable goods2.6 -.32.74.4
Nondurable goods2.0
Transportation and public utilities2.
Transportation 2.5 -.32.74.2
Communications 5.1
Electric, gas, and sanitary services1.7-
Wholesale trade5.
Retail trade3.
Finance, insurance, and real estate2.

1. For 1977-87, changes in GDP and in manufacturing gross product originating are calculated using benchmark-years-weighted measures. Changes for those periods for all other industry groups are calculated using fixed 1987 weighted measures. For 1987-90, changes in GDP and in all industry groups are calculated using the fixed 1987 weighted measure. For 1977-90, changes in GDP and manufacturing are calculated using the combination of the two measures. The indexes are shown in table 11. See the box on page 36 for additional information.