Box: Additional Information About the NIPA's

NIPA methodology papers

BEA has prepared a series of papers that provide detailed descriptions of NIPA concepts and methodologies. The methodologies described in these papers are subject to periodic improvements that are typically introduced as part of the annual and comprehensive revisions of the NIPA's. These improvements—which consist of definitional changes, new source data, and new estimating methods—are described in the SURVEY articles that cover these revisions. For example, see the articles listed in the section "Comprehensive revision of the NIPA's."

Photocopies of the methodology papers are available from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS); to order, write to U.S. Department of Commerce, National Technical Information Service, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161, or call (703) 487–4650.

Methodology Paper No. 1: An Introduction to National Economic Accounting. (1985). 19 pp. $12.50 (NTIS Accession No. PB 85–247567).

Methodology Paper No. 2: Corporate Profits: Profits Before Tax, Profits Tax Liability, and Dividends. (1985). 67 pp. $27.00 (NTIS Accession No. PB 85–245397).

Methodology Paper No. 3: Foreign Transactions. (1987). 52 pp. $27.00 (NTIS Accession No. PB 88–100649).

Methodology Paper No. 4: GNP: An Overview of Source Data and Estimating Methods. (1987). 36 pp. $24.50 (NTIS Accession No. PB 88–134838). The source data and estimating methods are updated in tables accompanying articles on annual revisions, the most recent of which appeared in the July 1994 SURVEY OF CURRENT BUSINESS; the availability of updated tables will be announced in a future issue.

Methodology Paper No. 5: Government Transactions. (1988). 120 pp. $31.50 (NTIS Accession No. PB 90–118480).

Methodology Paper No. 6: Personal Consumption Expenditures. (1990). 92 pp. $27.00 (NTIS Accession No. PB 90–254244).

Comprehensive revision of the NIPA's

The following is a list of articles in the SURVEY on the most recent comprehensive revision.