Table 1.—Revised and Previously Published Gross Domestic Product and Disposable Personal Income, 1929-96

[Percent change from preceding period]

1929-58 1929-47 1947-58 1959-92 1992-96 1996 Seasonally adjusted at annual rates
1996:I 1996:II 1996:III 1996:IV
Based on chained (1992) dollars
Gross domestic product:
Previously published2.
Disposable personal income:
Previously published2.
Based on current dollars
Gross domestic product:
Previously published5.
Disposable personal income:
Previously published4.
Gross domestic product price index:
Previously published/1/

1. For 1929 to 1958, the previously published price indexes were implicit price deflators.

NOTE.—The revised 1929-58 estimates reflect the definitional and statistical changes incorporated last year into the 1959-96 estimates including BEA's improved measures of output and prices, the change that recognizes investment, and an improved methodology for calculating depreciation. The 1959-96 estimates, which already had been revised in January 1996 to reflect these improvements, have now been revised primarily so that they will be consistent with the newly available wealth estimates presented beginning on page 69 of this issue of the SURVEY.