Box: Data Availability

The historical data for the tables at the end of this article are available from the Commerce Department's STAT-USA on the Economic Bulletin Board and the Internet; for subscription information, call (202) 482–1986. The industry estimates (tables 5 and 6) begin with 1947; the estimates in the other tables begin with 1929. Additional estimates will be made available in June, including annual estimates of net stocks and depreciation using historical-cost, real-cost, and current-cost valuations for the following: The types of assets shown in this article; private assets by industry and legal form; and government assets by type of equipment and structure. The investment data used to derive these estimates and the average age of net stocks will be available in early fall.

Also this fall, BEA will publish Fixed Reproducible Tangible Wealth in the United States, 1925–94, which will include revisions for 1993–94 from this year's annual NIPA revision. A CD-ROM will also be made available; it will contain these estimates as well as the underlying detail, including the fixed-cost data used to prepare the current-cost valuations. The availability of the volume and the CD-ROM will be announced in the SURVEY.