Table 3.17.—Selected Government Expenditures by Function

[Billions of dollars]

Current expenditures/1/
Consumption expenditures:
Government1 1,133.91,171.81,222.91,261.0
General public service2 108.3107.3116.2120.1
National defense3 297.5302.4304.5299.9
Public order and safety4 131.9141.8151.9162.1
Economic affairs5 133.4137.5144.9147.5
Housing and community services6
Health7 60.761.862.363.6
Recreation and culture8 14.214.615.716.4
Education9 336.9353.6371.2391.4
Income security10 44.545.848.552.3
Federal11 439.2445.3457.0453.5
General public service12 25.722.826.025.4
National defense13 297.5302.4304.5299.9
Public order and safety14 13.114.615.816.5
Economic affairs15 53.854.657.755.5
Housing and community services16
Health17 36.537.338.440.0
Recreation and culture18
Income security20
State and local21 694.7726.5765.9807.5
General public service22 82.684.590.294.7
Public order and safety23 118.8127.2136.2145.5
Economic affairs24 79.682.987.392.0
Housing and community services25
Health26 24.324.423.923.6
Recreation and culture27 12.212.713.314.2
Education28 332.9349.0366.7386.3
Income security29
Transfer payments (net):
Government30 869.9916.0944.5965.2
General public service31
Public order and safety32 .
Economic affairs33
Housing and community services34 .
Health35 341.1365.1383.6388.5
Recreation and culture36 .
Education37 21.821.824.725.2
Income security38 495.3513.8524.7539.3
Federal39 652.1691.6716.6730.4
General public service40
Public order and safety41 0000
Economic affairs42 .
Housing and community services43 .
Health44 185.7201.2214.5214.2
Recreation and culture45 .
Education46 13.012.815.515.3
Income security47 443.5464.4477.1491.0
State and local48 217.8224.3227.9234.8
General public service49 .
Public order and safety50 .
Economic affairs51
Health52 155.3164.0169.1174.3
Income security54 51.849.447.648.3
Grants-in-aid to State and local governments:
Federal/2/55 184.5190.4195.7209.3
General public service56 .
National defense57
Public order and safety58
Economic affairs59
General economic and labor affairs60
Natural resources63
Transportation64 .1000
Space65 .
Housing and community services66
Health67 97.2101.7104.3110.7
Recreation and culture68 .
Education69 15.316.716.217.0
Income security70 52.451.352.753.4
Retirement72 0000
Welfare and social services73 45.744.345.846.4
Subsidies less current surplus of government enterprises:
Government76 22.222.619.020.8
General public service77 00–.1–.3
National defense78 –.3–.3–.3–.3
Economic affairs79 2.13.4–1.53.2
General economic and labor affairs80 0000
Energy82 –8.9–8.7–10.8–11.2
Natural resources83 .
Transportation84 11.611.211.611.5
Postal service85
Other/3/86 –11.8–12.7–13.9–14.7
Housing and community services87 20.419.520.918.3
Federal88 32.435.130.432.1
General public service89 00–.1–.3
National defense90 –.3–.3–.3–.3
Economic affairs91 10.813.29.414.6
General economic and labor affairs92 0000
Energy94 –2.3–1.7–3.4–3.5
Natural resources95 .
Postal service97
Housing and community services98 21.922.221.418.1
State and local99 –10.2–12.5–11.4–11.3
Economic affairs100 –8.6–9.8–10.9–11.5
Energy101 –6.6–7.1–7.4–7.7
Transportation102 9.89.910.410.9
Other/3/103 –11.8–12.7–13.9–14.7
Housing and community services104 –1.6–2.7–.5.2
Gross investment
Government105 238.2250.1258.1268.7
General public service106
National defense107 53.154.648.048.7
Public order and safety108 9.29.810.611.6
Economic affairs109 79.783.289.691.9
Housing and community services110 21.322.423.124.0
Health111 11.913.114.115.0
Recreation and culture112
Education113 39.341.544.346.6
Income security114
Federal115 82.386.380.885.2
General public service116
National defense117 53.154.648.048.7
Public order and safety118
Economic affairs119 18.720.020.121.5
Housing and community services120 .1.10.1
Recreation and culture122 .
Education123 .
Income security124 .
State and local125 155.8163.8177.3183.5
General public service126
Public order and safety127
Economic affairs128
Housing and community services129 21.222.423.123.9
Recreation and culture131
Education132 38.941.143.946.0
Income security133
Capital transfers paid
Federal/4/134 27.628.129.028.8
General public service/5/135 .40.20
Economic affairs136 24.625.626.226.2
Transportation137 24.625.626.226.2
Highways/6/138 19.320.020.720.7
Water/7/140 0000
Transit and railroad/6/141
Housing and community services/6/142
Health/6/143 0000

1. Equals consumption expenditures, transfer payments, net interest paid, less dividends received by government, subsidies less current surplus of government enterprises, less "wage accruals less disbursements"; for Federal Government, also includes grants-in-aid to State and local governments. Government, Federal Government, and State and local government current expenditures are shown separately in tables 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3.

2. Federal grants-in-aid to State and local governments are included in Federal current expenditures; because the grants are transactions between levels of government, they are eliminated in the consolidation of the government sector.

3. Consists of publicly owned liquor store systems, government-administered lotteries and parimutuels, and other commercial activities.

4. No State and local government capital transfers have been identified.

5. Consists of forgiveness of debts owed by foreign governments to the U.S. Government.

6. Consists of Federal Government investment grants to State and local governments.

7. Consists of maritime construction subsidies paid to business by the Federal Government.