Table G.—Average Annual Rates of Change in Chain-Type Price Indexes by Industry Group, Selected Periods


1987–98 1987–92 1992–98
Gross domestic product2.63.41.9
Private industries:
Gross output2.12.91.5
Intermediate inputs1.82.51.2
Gross product/1/
Agriculture, forestry, and fishing:
Gross output1.52.1.9
Intermediate inputs2.13.01.4
Gross product.81.2.4
Gross output–.1.5–.5
Intermediate inputs1.31.7.9
Gross product–1.0–.4–1.5
Gross output2.82.43.2
Intermediate inputs2.63.02.2
Gross product3.01.83.9
Gross output1.12.4.1
Intermediate inputs1.01.9.2
Gross product1.43.3–.1
Durable goods:
Gross output.31.8–.9
Intermediate inputs.61.8–.3
Gross product–.21.8–1.9
Nondurable goods:
Gross output2.13.11.2
Intermediate inputs1.32.1.7
Gross product3.75.32.4
Transportation and public utilities:
Gross output1.21.41.1
Intermediate inputs1.42.1.8
Gross product1.1.91.3
Wholesale trade:
Gross output.91.7.2
Intermediate inputs1.62.6.9
Gross product.51.3–.1
Retail trade:
Gross output1.72.7.9
Intermediate inputs2.42.72.1
Gross product1.32.7.2
Finance, insurance, and real estate:
Gross output3.54.13.0
Intermediate inputs3.43.53.4
Gross product3.64.42.9
Gross output3.64.62.7
Intermediate inputs2.12.91.5
Gross product4.45.63.5
Gross output3.64.42.9
Intermediate inputs1.92.31.6
Gross product3.74.63.0
Private goods-producing industries/2/:
Gross output1.32.3.5
Intermediate inputs1.22.1.4
Gross product1.52.6.5
Private services-producing industries/3/:
Gross output2.63.42.1
Intermediate inputs2.32.91.9
Gross product2.83.62.1

1. Includes the statistical discrepancy. The statistical discrepancy does not apply to gross output or to intermediate inputs. As a result, the gross output index may not be bounded by the indexes for intermediate inputs and gross product.

2. Consists of agriculture, forestry and fishing; mining; construction; and manufacturing.

3. Consists of transportation and public utilities; wholesale trade; retail trade; finance, insurance, and real estate; and services.