Table 1.—Calculation of Component Contributions to Real GDP Growth Using Chain-Type Annual Weighted Indexes

Line Current- dollar levels Chain-type annual-weighted indexes Average annual rate of change Dollar-denominated levels Contribution to change in dollar series (percent)/2/
1982:III 1982:III 1990:II 1990:II/1/
1Gross domestic product3,164.2 82.0108.43.74,182.5100.0
2Personal consumption expenditures2,073.181.6107.13.62,721.863.7
3Durable goods235.263.8109.27.2402.316.4
4Nondurable goods777.586.2104.82.6945.816.5
5Services 1,060.483.4108.03.41,373.430.7
6Gross private domestic investment509.472.2103.94.8732.821.9
7Fixed investment507.474.9102.74.2695.818.5
8Nonresidential 405.083.9108.93.4525.611.8
9Structures 172.8104.2105.9.2175.7.3
10Producers' durable equipment232.273.4110.45.4349.411.5
11Residential 102.453.189.36.9172.16.8
12Change in business inventories
13Exports of goods and services279.079.5139.77.5490.420.8
14Less: Imports of goods and services309.362.5111.77.8552.823.9
15Government purchases612.081.5105.53.4791.817.7
16Federal 268.078.799.63.1339.17.0
17State and local344.083.8110.03.6451.210.5
18Residual (line 1 less lines 2, 6, 13, and 15 plus line 14)/3/0-1.5-.1

1. Equals the third-quarter 1982 current-dollar level for the component times the change in the chain-type index for the component.

2. Equals the dollar change of the component divided by the dollar change of GDP (multiplied by 100).

3. Because of the method used in calculating the change in business inventories, chain-type indexes cannot be constructed for it. Thus, the residual can be calculated only at the major component level.