Table 2.—Alternative Frameworks For Measuring Travel And Tourism Activities

Public purchases not discussed
Statistical unit Visitor Visitor Visitor
Concept of visitor Person traveling outside of usual environment for less than 12 months Same as BEA Same as BEA
Concept of usual environment Place of usual activities—residence, work, leisure
Minimum distance determined by available data sources—between 50 and 100 miles from residence
Place of usual activities—residence, work, leisure
Tourism determined by minimum distance from usual environment
Minimum distance defined by country
Same as OECD
Criteria distinguishing tourism from non-tourism expenditures Direct contact between visitor and supplier of tourism commodities Same as BEA Same as BEA
Tourism demand Expenditures by visitors Same as BEA Same as BEA
Tourism commodities/tourism industries Determined by what U.S. visitors do Determined by share of commodity purchased by visitors or produced primarily as an attraction for visitors Same as OECD
Infrastructure investments—private and public Future extension of TTSA's Private purchases of fixed assets, for example, capital investment in hotel structures
Public purchases include airports, long-distance bus stations
List still under discussion
Private purchases of fixed assets are same as OECD

BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis

OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

WTO World Tourism Organization