Table 3.—Classification of Commodities in the Travel and Tourism Accounts

Description of commodity Content
Tourism commodities:
Hotels and lodging places Includes lodging receipts from hotels, motels, guestrooms, and rooming and boarding houses serving the general public; other receipts of hotels and motels, sporting and recreational camps, and recreational vehicle parks and camp sites
Excludes meals served by hotels or motels
Eating and drinking places Includes food and beverage receipts and tips
Excludes catering services and school lunch sales by State and local governments
Passenger rail Includes receipts from rail passengers for travel and dining and tips
Passenger bus and other local transportation Includes receipts from passengers for intercity, charter, and local bus services and subway and limousine services
Taxicabs Includes taxi fares and tips
Domestic passenger air fares Includes receipts from domestic air passengers for airfares, meals and beverages, movies, and other receipts
International air fares Includes receipts from international air passengers
Passenger water Includes receipts from passengers for water transportation
Auto and truck rental Includes receipts for rental of automobiles and trucks
Other vehicle rental Includes receipts for rental of recreational vehicles and utility trailers
Arrangement of passenger transportation Includes commissions for the arrangement of passenger transportation and net receipts for tours
Recreation and entertainment Includes miscellaneous entertainment receipts such as amusement parks, fairs, museums, gambling, and other recreation and amusements
Participant sports Includes participant sports such as golf and tennis
Movie, theater, ballet, and musical events Includes receipts for admissions to movies and theater and music programs
Sports events Includes admissions to sports events
Petroleum retail margins Includes retail margins on petroleum sales
Other retail margins Includes retail margin on all other goods
Travel by U.S. residents abroad Includes travel expenditures by U.S. residents abroad
Nontourism commodities:/1/
Gasoline and oil Includes sales of gasoline, diesel fuel, lubricating oils, and grease
PCE nondurable commodities Includes sales of all other nondurable commodities
Selected services Includes receipts for selected services that may be used by tourists on, during, or after a trip, such as parking, tolls, and automotive repair services
Wholesale trade margins and transportation costs Includes wholesale margins and transportation costs on all goods
All other commodities Includes all other commodities not considered above

1. Nontourism commodities are commodities not classified as tourism commodities.

PCE Personal consumption expenditures