Table 4.—TTSA Industries and Commodities

Industry Commodity
Hotels and lodging places Hotels and lodging places
Eating and drinking places Eating and drinking places
Railroads and related services Passenger rail
Local and suburban transit and interurban highway passenger transportation, except taxicabs Passenger bus and other local transportation
Taxicabs Taxicabs
Air transportation Domestic passenger air fares
International air fares
Water transportation Passenger water
Automotive rental and leasing, without drivers Auto and truck rental
Other vehicle rental
Arrangement of passenger transportation Arrangement of passenger transportation
Miscellaneous amusement and recreation services (except membership sports and recreation clubs); racing, including track operation; marinas; libraries, museums, art galleries, and botanical and zoological gardens Recreation and entertainment
Membership sports and recreation clubs Participant sports (golf, tennis, etc.)
Motion picture theaters; dance studios, schools, and halls; theatrical producers (except motion pictures), bands, orchestras, and entertainers Movie, theater, ballet, and musical events
Professional sports clubs and promoters Sports events
Gasoline service stations Petroleum retail margins
Retail, excluding eating and drinking places and gasoline service stations Other retail margins
Industries producing nondurable PCE goods PCE nondurable commodities
Automobile parking, automotive repair shops and services, and toll highways Parking, automotive repair, and highway tolls
All other industries Wholesale trade margins and transportation costs
Gasoline and oil
(/1/)Travel by U.S. residents abroad

1. Travel by U.S. residents abroad has no industry counterpart. U.S. residents traveling abroad purchase commodities that are produced abroad, and the TTSA's include only domestically produced commodities.

PCE Personal consumption expenditures