Box: Acknowledgments

Robert E. Yuskavage, Chief of the GDP by Industry Branch of the Industry Economics Division (IED), supervised the preparation of the estimates. Ann M. Lawson and Robert P. Parker provided overall guidance. Felicia V. Candela, Sherlene K.S. Lum, Brian C. Moyer, Timothy F. Slaper, John Sporing, and Robert A. Sylvester prepared the estimates. A. Vanessa Clark, Sonia R. Jones, and Karen A. Newman provided support services. Other IED staff prepared tabulations from the preliminary 1992 benchmark input-output table.

Members of the staffs of the National Income and Wealth Division and the Government Division—particularly Sherman Hammack, M. Greg Key, Leonard J. Loebach, Brooks B. Robinson, and David B. Wasshausen—prepared special tabulations from the NIPA's and contributed to the development of the estimates. Stephanie L. Howell in the Office of the Director prepared the estimates of industry contributions to the growth in real GDP.