Table 7.—Methods for Estimating Real Gross Product Originating

Industry/1/ Method Major source data/2/
Agriculture, forestry, and fishingDouble deflation
MiningDouble deflation
ConstructionDouble deflation
ManufacturingDouble deflation
Railroad transportationDouble deflation
Local and interurban passenger transitDouble deflation
Trucking and warehousingDouble deflation
Water transportationExtrapolationBEA persons engaged in production.
Transportation by airDouble deflation
Pipelines, except natural gasDouble deflation
Transportation servicesExtrapolationBEA persons engaged in production.
CommunicationsDouble deflation
Electric, gas, and sanitary servicesDouble deflation
Wholesale tradeDouble deflation
Retail tradeDouble deflation
Finance, insurance, and real estate:
Depository institutionsExtrapolationBEA persons engaged in production.
Nondepository institutionsExtrapolationBEA persons engaged in production.
Security and commodity brokersDouble deflation
Insurance carriersDouble deflation
Insurance agents, brokers, and serviceDouble deflation
Real estate:
Nonfarm housing servicesDouble deflation
Other real estateDirect deflationIndex of rent for office buildings from trade source and BEA estimates.
Holding and other investment officesExtrapolationBEA persons engaged in production.
Hotels and other lodging placesDouble deflation
Personal servicesDouble deflation
Business servicesExtrapolationBLS employment weighted by Census Bureau receipts.
Auto repair, services, and parkingDouble deflation
Miscellaneous repair servicesDouble deflation
Motion picturesDouble deflation
Amusement and recreation servicesDouble deflation
Health servicesDouble deflation
Legal servicesDouble deflation
Educational servicesDouble deflation
Social servicesDirect deflationBEA average wages and salaries per full-time equivalent employee.
Membership organizationsDirect deflationBEA average wages and salaries per full-time equivalent employee.
Other servicesDirect deflationBEA average wages and salaries per full-time equivalent employee.
Private householdsDirect deflationBLS prices.
General government
Compensation of employeesExtrapolationNational income and product accounts.
Consumption of fixed capitalDirect deflationNational income and product accounts.
Goverment enterprisesExtrapolationBEA and Census Bureau employment and BLS output indexes.

1. Titles are for the 1987 SIC; methods also apply to comparable industry in the 1972 SIC.

2. Source data provide either a price index for deflation of gross product originating or a quantity extrapolator of base-year value of gross product originating.

BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis

BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics