Table 9.—Principal Sources of Service Input Prices

Service input/1/ Source/2/
Agricultural servicesIPD for agricultural services gross output.
Railroad transportation:
Dining car receipts, business travelCPI for food away from home.
Rail freight transportationIPD for freight gross output.
Other railroad servicesIPD for freight gross output.
Local and interurban passenger transit:
Services from local private transit systemsIPD for local transit system gross output.
TaxicabsCPI for taxi fares.
OtherIPD for intercity buses gross output.
Trucking and warehousingIPD for trucking and warehousing gross output.
Water transportationIPD for water transportation.
Transportation by air:
Domestic passengerIPD for domestic passenger gross output.
International passengerIPD for international passenger gross output.
Freight and expressIPD for freight and express gross output.
Other air servicesIPD for transportation by air.
Pipelines, except natural gasIPD for pipelines, except natural gas gross output.
Transportation services:
Private carline servicesIPD for boxcar rental.
OtherIPD for transportation services gross output.
Telephone and telegraph:
TelephoneIPD for telephone gross output.
Telegraph servicesPPI for telephone services.
Radio and television broadcastingIPD for radio and television broadcasting gross output.
Electric, gas, and sanitary services:
Electric utilitiesPPI for electric power.
Gas pipelineIPD for gas pipeline gross output.
Gas utilitiesIPD for gas utility gross output.
Sanitary servicesCPI for water and sewerage maintenance.
Wholesale trade:
Merchant wholesalers and agents and brokersIPD for merchant wholesalers and agents and brokers gross output.
Manufacturers' sales offices and sales branchesIPD for manufacturers' sales offices and sales branches gross output.
Retail trade:
Eating and drinkingIPD for eating and drinking gross output.
OtherIPD for other retail trade gross output.
Depository institutions:
Imputed service chargesIPD for financial services furnished without payment by commercial banks.
OtherCPI for financial services.
Nondepository institutions:
Imputed service chargesIPD for financial services furnished without payment by savings and loan associations.
OtherCPI for personal financial services.
Security and commodity brokers:
Securities underwritingIPD for underwriting gross output.
Securities commissionsIPD for securities commission gross output.
Services allied with exchange of securitiesIPD for security and commodity brokers gross output.
Other servicesBEA price index for merger and acquisition fees for 1977-87; IPD for GDP, 1988 forward.
Insurance carriers:
Automobile insuranceCPI for automobile insurance.
Nonlife insurance services, except automobileCPI for property and household insurance.
OtherIPD for insurance carrier gross output.
Insurance agents, brokers, and serviceIPD for insurance agents, brokers, and service gross output.
Real estate services:
Nonfarm business rental and property managementRental rate per square foot from trade source.
Farm rentalIPD for rental value of farm housing PCE.
Rent paid by nonprofitsIPD for capital consumption allowance of nonprofit organizations.
Royalties for oil and gas miningIPD for oil and gas extraction gross output.
Royalties, except oil and gas miningIPD for PCE.
Condominium association fees and assessments by cooperativesCPI for home maintenance and repair services.
OtherIPD for other real estate gross output.
Personal services:
Funeral and burial expensesCPI for funeral expenses.
OtherCPI for laundry and dry cleaning.
Business services:
AdvertisingCost indexes by type of media from trade sources.
Maintenance, cleaning, disinfecting, and exterminatingCPI for home maintenance and repair services.
PhotofinishingIPD for film development PCE.
Other business servicesIPD for business services gross output.
Auto repair, services, and parking:
Repairs, tire retreading, parking, and washingCPI for automobile maintenance and repair.
OtherCPI for other auto-related fees.
Miscellaneous repair services:
Radio, TV, refrigeration and air conditioning, and electrical and electronic repairsCPI for appliance and furniture repairs.
OtherCPI for maintenance and repair.
Motion pictures servicesCPI for admissions.
Amusement and recreation services:
Sports, recreation, and amusementsCPI for other entertainment services; BEA composite index of input prices.
Theatrical, dance, symphony, and spectator sports productionsCPI for admissions.
Health services:
Physicians servicesCPI for physicians; PPI in 1994.
OtherCPI for other medical professionals.
Legal servicesCPI for legal services.
Education services:
Vocational schools, except high schoolsIPD for commercial and vocational schools PCE.
Higher education and related servicesIPD for private higher education PCE.
Social servicesAverage annual earnings from BLS.
Membership organizations:
Membership organization expensesBEA composite index of input prices.
Business associationsAverage annual earnings from BLS.
Professional organizationsBEA composite index of input prices.
Other services:
Noncommercial museums and art galleriesIPD for other services gross output.
Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping servicesCPI for personal financial and legal services fees.
OtherIPD for other services gross output.
Government enterprises:
Postal servicesPPI's for seven types of services.
Imported services:
Rail freight transportationPPI for railroad freight.
Water transportation, n.e.cCharter prices from trade source.
Air transportation faresBLS import price index for air passenger fares.

1. For this table, services consist of the primary output of (1) private businesses in the agricultural services, transportation and public utilities, trade, finance, insurance, and real estate, and services industries as defined by the 1987 Standard Industrial Classification, and (2) similar services provided by government enterprises. Prices for imported services are shown separately at the end of the table if they differ from prices used for corresponding domestic services. Prices for inputs of manufactured goods are primarily PPI's and IPI's.

2. Sources of price indexes for gross output IPD's are shown in table 8, except for other transportation, other real estate, business services and other services. The IPD's for the gross output of these industries were estimated from the IPD's for GPO for these industries and from information on inputs from the input-output tables.

BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis

BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics

CPI Consumer Price Index

GDP Gross domestic product

GPO Gross product originating

IPD Implicit price deflator

PCE Personal consumption expenditures

PPI Producer Price Index

IPI International Price Index (BLS)