Box: Data Availability

Estimates shown in the NIPA tables beginning on page 18, along with estimates for earlier periods (for most tables, back to 1959), are available in electronic form to STAT-USA subscribers (Economic Bulletin Board and Internet site). To subscribe, call STAT-USA on (202) 482–1986.

Estimates are also available on diskette. To obtain an order form indicating their cost and the schedule and cost of related material, write to the National Income and Wealth Division (BE–54), Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington DC 20230, or call (202) 606–9700.

The following issues of the SURVEY OF CURRENT BUSINESS provided information about the comprehensive revision of the NIPA's released in January 1996.

July 1995: Preview of BEA's new featured measures of output and prices.
September 1995: Preview of BEA's new treatment of government investment and new methodology for calculating depreciation.
October 1995: Preview of new and redesigned tables.
November/December 1995: Gross domestic product news release, including selected estimates and a discussion of the major effects of the revision.
January/February 1996: Results of the comprehensive revision of the NIPA's.

The remaining information related to the NIPA comprehensive revision estimates will be released as work is completed. The listing below provides approximate schedules for the release of the remaining estimates.

Fall 1996: NIPA estimates for 1929–58, including annual estimates of real gross domestic product from 1929 and quarterly estimates from 1947. Summary NIPA tables will be published in the SURVEY.

Late 1996: National Income and Product Accounts of the United States, volume 2, 1959–92. This volume (and volume 1 below) will contain the complete set of NIPA tables as well as definitions, classifications, and conventions underlying the NIPA's.

Early 1997: National Income and Product Accounts of the United States, volume 1, 1929–58.