Table 2.—Methodology Used in Preparing Estimates of Real GDP

Component Subcomponent Deflation, using price based on— Using quantity for—
Components of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or the Producer Price Index (PPI) Other Extrapolation Direct valuation
Personal consumption expenditures Durable and nondurable goods:
Most goods (except subcomponents listed separately) Except as noted, CPI; military clothing, PPI
New autos CPI
Net purchases of used autos Used autos, in two parts: (1) Margin, unit sales from trade sources with dealer margins from Census Bureau and trade sources; (2) net transactions, net change in unit stock of autos held by consumers by year of original sale, valued by depreciated original value in base-year dollars.
New trucks CPI
Gasoline and oil CPI
Food furnished to employees (including military) CPI
Expenditures abroad by U.S. residents less personal remittances in kind to nonresidents Foreign consumer price indexes (exchange-rate adjusted).
Nonfarm dwellings—space rent for owner-occupied and rent for tenant-occupied CPI
Rental value of farm dwellings Net value of farm housing stock from BEA capital stock series.

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