Box: Data Availability

A complete set of data in the R&D satellite account is available on a microcomputer diskette. The data set includes the tables published in the article, but for all years rather than just the selected years shown in the article. The first year of data shown in most tables is either 1953 or 1959, depending on the availability of source data. The disk also includes supplemental tables.

The BEA accession number for the diskette, which is a 3 1/2-inch HD diskette, is 53–94–40–001. Its price is $20.

For more information about the contents of the diskette, call Carol Moylan at 202–606–9711 or Bruce Grimm at 202–606–9623. To order the diskette using MasterCard or Visa, call BEA's public information office at 202–606–9900. To order by mail, write to the Public Information Office, Order Desk, BE–53, Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230. Specify the R&D Satellite Account diskette, accession number, and its price. For foreign shipment, add 25 percent to the total amount of the order. A check or money order payable to "Bureau of Economic Analysis" must accompany all written orders. Be sure to include a return address.