Table A.—Research and Development in the NIPA's

Published NIPA components containing R&D/1/ R&D identified in NIPA component R&D included in NIPA component
Gross national product (1.1, 1)
Personal consumption expenditures (1.1, 2)/2/
Nonprofit hospitals (2.4, 52)NoR&D funding from nonprofit hospitals
Education and research (2.4, 102)
Higher education (2.4, 103)NoR&D funding from private universities and colleges
Other (2.4, 105)NoR&D funding from other nonprofit institutions serving individuals
Religious and welfare activities (2.4, 106)No Operating expenses for R&D grants
Gross private domestic investment (1.1, 6)No/3/
Net exports of goods and services (1.1, 15)
Exports of services (4.1, 6)NoR&D funding from foreign sources to U.S. performers
Imports of services (4.1, 14)NoR&D funding from U.S. sources to foreign performers
Government purchases (1.1, 18)
Federal (1.1, 19)
National defense (1.1, 20)
Contractual research and development (3.10, 20)YesR&D contracted for by the Departments of Defense and Energy/4/
Other NoDefense R&D performed in-house
Nondefense (1.1, 21)NoNondefense R&D funding by the Federal Government
State and local (1.1, 22)NoR&D funding by State and local governments
Addendum: Business current expenses of productionNoR&D funding by business

1. Numbers in parentheses indicate the NIPA table number and the line number of published series.

2. Personal consumption expenditures are likely to contain some expenditures for R&D funded by the business and government sectors but performed by universities and colleges, nonprofit hospitals, and other nonprofit institutions serving individuals.

3. Not applicable, business spending on R&D is considered to be an intermediate expenditure.

4. Includes only the atomic energy research among that contracted for by the Department of Energy.

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