Table B.—Selected Summary Measures

1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992
Current-dollar measures
R&D performed (percent of expenditures):
Federal Government12.715.415.615.312.410.810.510.410.410.19.79.7
Universities and colleges4.
R&D funded (percent of expenditures):
Industry 33.132.339.544.148.750.949.751.053.154.957.358.7
Federal Government64.665.057.351.747.345.245.944.442.040.137.636.1
Universities and colleges.
R&D by type (percent of expenditures):
Basic 8.912.513.213.313.312.414.
Applied 21.621.322.022.721.922.422.322.323.023.524.523.8
Development 69.566.264.863.964.765.263.563.661.860.458.158.9
R&D funding as a percent of GDP:
Government and nonprofit institutions1.
Industry .
Constant-cost measures
R&D net fixed intangible capital as a percent of government and business net fixed reproducible tangible capital/1/
Average age, in years, of R&D gross fixed intangible capital6.
Indexes, 1960=100
R&D expenditures (constant dollars)100132136131161219229234237245252254
R&D net fixed intangible capital (constant cost)100155209233247287313327340352365378

1. Business fixed reproducible tangible capital includes capital owned by nonprofit institutions.

R&D Research and development