Table 1.—The Make of Commodities

[Millions of dollars

Industry number For the distribution of industries producing a commodity,
read the column for that commodity
Livestock and
Other agricultural products Forestry and fishery products Agricultural,
forestry, and
Metallic ores
Crude petroleum and
natural gas
New construction Maintenance and repair construction
For the distribution of commodities produced by an industry,
read the row for that industry
Commodity number 1 2 3 4 5+6 7 8 9+10 11 12
1 Livestock and livestock products 89,375 205 503
2 Other agricultural products 104,546 2,047 1,051
3 Forestry and fishery products 9,613
4 Agricultural, forestry, and fishery services 28,251
5+6 Metallic ores mining 10,726 8 11
7 Coal mining 26,907 2
8 Crude petroleum and natural gas 97,613
9+10 Nonmetallic minerals mining 12 2 11,720
11 New construction 456,949
12 Maintenance and repair construction 222,381
13 Ordnance and accessories
14 Food and kindred products
15 Tobacco products
16 Broad and narrow fabrics, yarn and thread mills
17 Miscellaneous textile goods and floor coverings
18 Apparel
19 Miscellaneous fabricated textile products
20+21 Lumber and wood products
22+23 Furniture and fixtures
24 Paper and allied products, except containers
25 Paperboard containers and boxes
26A Newspapers and periodicals
26B Other printing and publishing
27A Industrial and other chemicals 10 3
27B Agricultural fertilizers and chemicals 1
28 Plastics and synthetic materials
29A Drugs
29B Cleaning and toilet preparations
30 Paints and allied products
31 Petroleum refining and related products 127
32 Rubber and miscellaneous plastics products
33+34 Footwear, leather, and leather products
35 Glass and glass products
36 Stone and clay products 1 419
37 Primary iron and steel manufacturing
38 Primary nonferrous metals manufacturing
39 Metal containers
40 Heating, plumbing, and fabricated structural metal products
41 Screw machine products and stampings
42 Other fabricated metal products
43 Engines and turbines
44+45 Farm, construction, and mining machinery
46 Materials handling machinery and equipment
47 Metalworking machinery and equipment
48 Special industry machinery and equipment
49 General industrial machinery and equipment
50 Miscellaneous machinery, except electrical
51 Computer and office equipment
52 Service industry machinery
53 Electrical industrial equipment and apparatus
54 Household appliances
55 Electric lighting and wiring equipment
56 Audio, video, and communication equipment
57 Electronic components and accessories
58 Miscellaneous electrical machinery and supplies
59A Motor vehicles (passenger cars and trucks)
59B Truck and bus bodies, trailers, and motor vehicles parts
60 Aircraft and parts
61 Other transportation equipment
62 Scientific and controlling instruments
63 Opthalmic and photographic equipment
64 Miscellaneous manufacturing
65A Railroads and related services; passenger ground transportation
65B Motor freight transportation and warehousing
65C Water transportation
65D Air transportation
65E Pipelines, freight forwarders, and related services
66 Communications, except radio and TV
67 Radio and TV broadcasting
68A Electric services (utilities)
68B Gas production and distribution (utilities)
68C Water and sanitary services
69A Wholesale trade
69B Retail trade
70A Finance
70B Insurance
71A Owner-occupied dwellings
71B Real estate and royalties
72A Hotels and lodging places
72B Personal and repair services (except auto)
73A Computer and data processing services
73B Legal, engineering, accounting, and related services
73C Other business and professional services, except medical
73D Advertising
74 Eating and drinking places
75 Automotive repair and services
76 Amusements
77A Health services
77B Educational and social services, and membership organizations
78 Federal Government enterprises
79 State and local government enterprises
82 General government industry
84 Household industry
85 Inventory valuation adjustment
T Total commodity output 89,375 104,546 11,865 29,805 10,739 26,917 97,623 12,283 456,949 222,381

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