Appendix B.—Classification of Commodities in the 1992 Capital Flow Table

Commodity number Commodity title Related 1987 SIC codes
1094Uranium-radium-vanadium ores1094
1380Oil and gas field services138
1510Residential construction15, 17, 6552
1523New warehouses construction15, 17
1524New garages and service stations construction15, 17
1525Other new nonfarm buildings construction15, 17
1526New religious facilities construction15, 17
1527New hospital construction15, 17
1528New residential institutions and other health facilities construction15, 17
1529New amusement and recreation facilities construction15, 17
1532New railroad facilities construction15, 16, 17
1533New electric utility construction15, 16, 17
1534New gas utility facilities construction15, 16, 17
1535New petroleum pipelines construction15, 16, 17
1536New water supply facilities construction15, 16, 17
1543New academic facilities construction15, 17
1544New libraries, museums and cultural facilities construction15, 17
1545New commercial structures15, 17
1552New farm service facilities construction15, 17
1572New dams and reservoir construction15, 16, 17
1573Other new conservation and development construction15, 16, 17
1574Other new nonbuilding construction15, 16, 17
1612New highways, bridges, and other horizontal construction15, 16, 17
1621New industrial plants construction15, 16, 17
1624New waste treatment plants construction15, 16, 17
1625New sewer facilities construction15, 16, 17
1628New access structures for solid mineral development15, 16, 17
1631New telephone and telegraph structures construction15, 16, 17
1706Railroad construction repair and maintenance15, 16, 17
1722New office building construction15, 17
2273Carpets and rugs2273
2299Textile goods, n.e.c.2299
2451Mobile homes2451
2499Wood products, n.e.c.2499
2511Wood household furniture, except upholstered2511
2512Wood household furniture, upholstered2512
2514Metal household furniture2514
2515Mattresses, foundations, and convertible beds2515
2519Household furniture, n.e.c.2519
2521Wood office furniture2521
2522Office furniture, except wood2522
2531Public building and related furniture2531
2541Wood office and store fixtures, partitions, shelving, and lockers2541
2542Partitions and fixtures, except wood2542
2591Drapery hardware and window blinds and shades2591
2599Furniture and fixtures, n.e.c.2599
2819Industrial inorganic chemicals, n.e.c.2819
3069Fabricated rubber products, n.e.c.3069
3086Plastics foam products3086
3357Drawing and insulating of nonferrous wire3357
3399Primary metal products, n.e.c.3399
3412Metal shipping barrels, drums, kegs, and pails3412
3423Hand and edge tools, except machine tools and handsaws3423
3425Saw blades and handsaws3425
3443Fabricated plate work (boiler shops)3443
3444Sheet metal work3444
3491Industrial valves3491
3494Valves and pipe fittings, n.e.c.3494
3498Fabricated pipe and pipe fittings3498
3499Fabricated metal products, n.e.c.3499
3511Steam, gas, and hydraulic turbines, and turbine generator set units3511
3519Internal combustion engines, n.e.c.3519
3523Farm machinery and equipment3523
3524Lawn and garden tractors and home lawn and garden equipment3524
3531Construction machinery and equipment3531
3532Mining machinery3532
3533Oil and gas field machinery and equipment3533
3535Conveyors and conveying equipment3535
3536Overhead traveling cranes, hoists, and monorail systems3536
3537Industrial trucks, tractors, trailers, and stackers3537
3541Machine tools, metal cutting types3541
3542Machine tools, metal forming types3542
3544Special dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures3544
3546Power-driven handtools3546
3547Rolling mill machinery and equipment3547
3548Electric and gas welding and soldering equipment3548
3549Metalworking machinery, n.e.c.3549
3552Textile machinery3552
3553Woodworking machinery3553
3554Paper industries machinery3554
3555Printing trades machinery and equipment3555
3556Food products machinery3556
3559Special industry machinery, n.e.c.3559
3561Pumps and pumping equipment3561
3563Air and gas compressors3563
3564Industrial and commercial fans, blowers, and air purification equipment3564
3565Packaging machinery3565
3567Industrial process furnaces and ovens3567
3569General industrial machinery and equipment, n.e.c.3569
3571Electronic computers3571
3572Computer storage devices3572
3575Computer terminals3575
3577Computer peripheral equipment, n.e.c.3577
3578Calculating and accounting machines, except electronic computers3578
3579Office machines, n.e.c.3579
3581Automatic vending machines3581
3582Commercial laundry, drycleaning, and pressing machines3582
3585Air-conditioning and warm air heating equipment3585
3586Measuring and dispensing pumps3586
3589Service industry machinery, n.e.c.3589
3594Fluid power pumps and motors3594
3596Scales and balances, except laboratory3596
3599Industrial and commercial machinery and equipment, n.e.c.3599
3612Power, distribution, and specialty transformers3612
3613Switchgear and switchboard apparatus3613
3621Motors and generators3621
3625Relays and industrial controls3625
3629Electrical industrial apparatus, n.e.c.3629
3631Household cooking equipment3631
3632Household refrigerators and home and farm freezers3632
3633Household laundry equipment3633
3634Electric housewares and fans3634
3635Household vacuum cleaners3635
3639Household appliances, n.e.c.3639
3643Current-carrying wiring devices3643
3645Residential electric lighting fixtures3645
3646Commercial, industrial, and institutional electric lighting fixtures3646
3648Lighting equipment, n.e.c.3648
3651Household audio and video equipment3651
3661Telephone and telegraph apparatus3661
3663Radio and television broadcasting and communications equipment3663
3669Communications equipment, n.e.c.3669
3691Storage batteries3691
3695Magnetic and optical recording media3695
3699Electrical machinery, equipment, and supplies, n.e.c.3699
3711Motor vehicles and passenger car bodies3711
3713Truck and bus bodies3713
3715Truck trailers3715
3724Aircraft engines and engine parts3724
3731Ship building and repairing3731
3732Boat building and repairing3732
3743Railroad equipment3743
3751Motorcycles, bicycles, and parts3751
3761Guided missiles and space vehicles3761
3792Travel trailers and campers3792
3799Transportation equipment, n.e.c.3799
3812Search and navigation equipment3812
3821Laboratory apparatus and furniture3821
3823Industrial instruments for measurement, display3823
3824Totalizing fluid meters and counting devices3824
3825Instruments to measure electricity3825
3826Laboratory analytical instruments3826
3827Optical instruments and lenses3827
3829Measuring and controlling devices, n.e.c.3829
3841Surgical and medical instruments and apparatus3841
3842Orthopedic, prosthetic, and surgical appliances and supplies3842
3843Dental equipment and supplies3843
3844X-ray apparatus and tubes and related irradiation apparatus3844
3845Electromedical and electrotherapeutic apparatus3845
3861Photographic equipment and supplies3861
3931Musical instruments3931
3949Sporting and athletic goods, n.e.c.3949
3993Signs and advertising specialties3993
3999Manufacturing industries, n.e.c.3999
4245Transportation40, 42, 44, 45
4810Telephone communications481
4822Telegraph and other message communications4822
5001Wholesale trade50, 51
5902Retail trade52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 59
6520Real estate agents and managers, title abstract offices65
7370Computer and data processing services737
8710Engineering, architectural, and surveying services871

n.e.c. Not elsewhere classified.