Box: Acknowledgments

Belinda L. Bonds, Chief of the Goods Branch of the Industry Economics Division, and David W. McCarthy, Goods Branch, supervised the preparation of the estimates. Sumiye Okubo, Associate Director for Industry Accounts, and Ann M. Lawson, Chief of the Industry Economics Division, provided overall guidance. Timothy D. Aylor, Alvin D. Blake, Sergio B. Delgado, Charlita R. Fickus, Alexandra E. Karaer, David W. McCarthy, Edward T. Morgan, Tara L. O'Brien, Amanda C. Roberts, Mary L. Roy, Darlene C. Robinson, Brian W. Sloboda, and Diane I. Young prepared the estimates. Mark A. Planting provided programming assistance. Myles J. Levin prepared the tables for publication.

Michael Glenn of the National Income and Wealth Division, under the direction of Shelby Herman, Chief, Capital Stock Branch, also contributed to the development of the estimates.