Table 1.—Distribution of New Structures and Equipment

[Millions of dollars

Line For the distribution of capital to using industries, read the row for that commodity or category
For the composition of capital used by an industry, read the column for that industry
Agricultural production Agricultural services Metal mining Coal mining Oil and gas extraction Nonmetallic
Construction Food and
Industry number 102 789 1000 1200 1300 1400 1567 2000
I-O commodity group in producers' prices
(commodity number in parentheses)
1(1094) Uranium-radium-vanadium ores
2(1380) Oil and gas field services916812,956221
3(1510) Residential construction
4(1523) New warehouses construction2252
5(1524) New garages and service stations construction11
6(1525) Other new nonfarm buildings construction1,449
7(1526) New religious facilities construction
8(1527) New hospital construction
9(1528) New residential institutions and other health facilities construction
10(1529) New amusement and recreation facilities construction
11(1532) New railroad facilities construction
12(1533) New electric utility construction20
13(1534) New gas utility facilities construction
14(1535) New petroleum pipelines construction147
15(1536) New water supply facilities construction258198
16(1543) New academic facilities construction
17(1544) New libraries, museums and cultural facilities construction
18(1545) New commercial structures712275
19(1552) New farm service facilities construction2,398
20(1572) New dams and reservoir construction
21(1573) Other new conservation and development construction
22(1574) Other new nonbuilding construction5722
23(1612) New highways, bridges, and other horizontal construction
24(1621) New industrial plants construction761241,86331891,721
25(1624) New waste treatment plants construction
26(1625) New sewer facilities construction
27(1628) New access structures for solid mineral development319614128
28(1631) New telephone and telegraph structures construction
29(1706) Railroad construction repair and maintenance
30(1722) New office building construction82204501,157
31(2273) Carpets and rugs1191339
32(2299) Textile goods, n.e.c.
33(2451) Mobile homes317
34(2499) Wood products, n.e.c.1
35(2511) Wood household furniture
36(2512) Upholstered wood household furniture
37(2514) Metal household furniture
38(2515) Mattresses and bedsprings
39(2519) Household furniture, n.e.c.
40(2521) Wood office furniture218217526
41(2522) Office furniture, except wood253135343358
42(2531) Public building and related furniture2514
43(2541) Wood, partitions and fixtures812110113730
44(2542) Partitions and fixtures, except wood121211217938
45(2591) Drapery hardware and window blinds and shades22202
46(2599) Furniture and fixtures, n.e.c.532338281
47(2819) Industrial inorganic chemicals, n.e.c.
48(3069) Fabricated rubber products, n.e.c.4
49(3086) Plastics foam products
50(3357) Nonferrous wiredrawing and insulating
51(3399) Primary metal products, n.e.c.41
52(3412) Metal barrels, drums, and pails1131
53(3423) Hand and edge tools, n.e.c.
54(3425) Saw blades and handsaws421122
55(3443) Fabricated plate work (boiler shops)149512650438332
56(3444) Sheet metal work37917
57(3491) Industrial valves31681718
58(3494) Valves and pipe fittings, n.e.c.39
59(3498) Fabricated pipe and fittings151641
60(3499) Fabricated metal products, n.e.c.1301
61(3511) Turbines and turbine generator sets23
62(3519) Internal combustion engines, n.e.c.12162610128261898
63(3523) Farm machinery and equipment6,02097934
64(3524) Lawn and garden equipment1194711684
65(3531) Construction machinery213359641375,744
66(3532) Mining machinery35249143190
67(3533) Oil and gas field machinery175
68(3535) Conveyors and conveying equipment602427780278188
69(3536) Hoists, cranes, and monorails2511542550
70(3537) Industrial trucks and tractors3615891650285
71(3541) Machine tools, metal cutting types411
72(3542) Machine tools, metal forming types1
73(3544) Special dies, jigs and fixtures511
74(3546) Power-driven handtools1922734251327
75(3547) Rolling mill machinery
76(3548) Welding apparatus7386106159
77(3549) Metalworking machinery, n.e.c.
78(3552) Textile machinery11
79(3553) Woodworking machinery385
80(3554) Paper industries machinery26
81(3555) Printing trades machinery
82(3556) Food products machinery1,731

n.e.c. Not elsewhere classified.

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