Table 2.—Distribution of New Structures and Equipment

[Millions of dollars

Line For the distribution of capital to using industries, read the row for that commodity or category
For the composition of capital used by an industry, read the column for that industry
Agricultural production Agricultural services Metal mining Coal mining Oil and gas extraction Nonmetallic
Construction Food and
Industry number 102 789 1000 1200 1300 1400 1567 2000
Capital equipment category in purchasers' prices
(line number from NIPA table 5.8 in parentheses)
1(5) Computers and peripheral equipment11573323257201,526695
2(6) Office equipment20622111118105
3(7) Communication equipment3227834555617180
4(8) Instruments7146080175801979413
5(9) Photocopy and related equipment232943445684129
6(11) Fabricated metal products23465581585653450
7(12) Engines and turbines151829131483022834
8(13) Metalworking machinery4017139981,08853
9(14) Special industry, nec119943342183,029
10(15) General industrial, including materials handling equipment24302431739511541,1611,866
11(16) Electrical transmission, distribution and industrial apparatus258382137192,537139
12(18) Truck, buses and truck trailers1,3481,0012111532118,486970
13(19) Autos1573421174171403,535693
14(20) Aircraft2314419117532413175
15(21) Ships and boats1624097
16(22) Railroad equipment119
17(24) Furniture and fixtures722121094151,447348
18(25) Tractors2,7581,7952573501,084
19(26) Agriculture machinery, except tractors5,755728
20(27) Construction machinery, except tractors133248791327,095
21(28) Mining and oilfield machinery153625042421
22(29) Service industry machinery381746123402203
23(30) Electrical equipment, nec22136115060
24(31) Other nonresidential equipment14480812915870
25(33) Residential (landlord durables)
Total new equipment11,4875,7348941,2303,94198931,2959,512
Capital structures category in purchasers' prices
(line number from NIPA table 5.6 in parentheses)
26(5) Industrial buildings961241,886311071,924
27(6) Commercial buildings (office, other commercial, and mobile structures)62718114181,086
28(9) Religious buildings
29(10) Educational buildings
30(11) Hospital and institutional buildings
31(12) Other nonresidential buildings, excluding farm1,449
32(14) Railroads
33(15) Telecommunications
34(16) Electric light and power15
35(17) Gas
36(18) Petroleum pipelines147
37(19) Farm (nonresidential structures)2,398
38(21) Petroleum and natural gas—exploration, shafts and wells12,942
39(22) Other mining construction383723149
40(23) Other (nonresidential nonbuilding structures)572602198
41(30) Single-family structures
42(31) Multi-family structures
43(32) Mobile homes
44(33) Residential improvements
45(34) Other (nonhousekeeping) residential structures
46(35) Brokers' commissions on sale of (residential) structures
Total new structures2,3981,50680185415,1581817233,025
Total new structures and equipment13,8857,2401,6952,08419,0991,17032,01812,537

n.e.c. Not elsewhere classified

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