Box: Acknowledgments

Brent R. Moulton, Associate Director for National Income, Expenditures, and Wealth Accounts, supervised the preparation of this comprehensive revision of the national income and product accounts. Karl D. Galbraith, Chief of the Government Division, and Ralph H. Kozlow, Chief of the National Income and Wealth Division, directed major parts of the revision. Robert P. Parker, Chief Statistician, provided technical guidance. Shelby W. Herman and Kali K. Kong—together with Willie J. Abney, Jennifer A. Bennett, Arnold J. Katz, Kurt Kunze, Leonard J. Loebach, Karin E. Moses, Thae S. Park, Claire G. Pitzer, and David F. Sullivan—coordinated and conducted the estimate review process.

Eugene P. Seskin wrote the article describing the revision. Kali K. Kong and Karin E. Moses prepared the tables for the article. Duane G. Hackmann, Sherman J. Hammack, Karl V. Rohrer and Teresa L. Weadock prepared analyses and other review materials for both the article and the news release. Mary Carol Barron, Michael J. Boehm, Sherman J. Hammack, John Sporing, Jr., and Mary D. Young were responsible for developing and operating the computer systems used to compile, check, analyze, and report the final estimates. David F. Sullivan coordinated the presentational improvements and table changes.

Other BEA staff who made significant contributions to the revision are listed below.

Personal consumption expendituresClinton P. McCully, GoodsM. Greg Key, Robert N. Ganz, Everette P. Johnson, James J. Raley III, Shirley D. Tisdale. Services—Aaron C. Catlin, Thea C. Graham, Myung G. Han.

Investment and Foreign transactionsCarol E. Moylan, Leonard J. Loebach, Randall T. Matsunaga. Inventories—Debra M. Blagburn, Jennifer A. Ribarsky. Structures—Wharton H. Berger, Velma P. Henry. Foreign transactions, equipment, software, and pricesDavid B. Wasshausen, Jeffrey W. Crawford, Nadia F.P. Sadee, Nicole M. Spugnardi, Reed M. Wirick.

Federal Government transactionsPamela A. Kelly, Laura M. Beall, Peter G. Beall, Kurt S. Bersani, James E. Boucher, Ann M. Groszkiewicz, Doris N. Johnson, Sean P. Keehan, Raymen G. LaBella, Claire G. Pitzer, Michael D. Randall, Michelle D. Robinson, Mary L. Roy, Shelly Smith, Benyam Tsehaye, Andrew E. Vargo.

State and local governmentBruce E. Baker, Steven J. Andrews, W. Robert Armstrong, Joanne Buenzli, Florence H. Campi, Benjamin D. Cowan, Janet H. Kmitch, Donald L. Peters.

Chain-type quantity and price measuresChristian Ehemann, Michael J. Boehm, Sherman Hammack, Karl V. Rohrer.

IncomeCarol E. Moylan.

Personal incomePaul R. Lally, Thae S. Park, Toui C. Pomsouvan.

Employee compensationPaul R. Lally, Molly B. Knight. Wages and salaries—Brian V. Moran, James. E. Rankin. Other labor income—Monisha Primlani, Garth K. Trinkl, Ernest D. Wilcox.

Business incomeKenneth A. Petrick. Corporate profits—Debora A. Fisher, Jerry L. Stone. Nonfarm proprietors' income—Willie J. Abney.

Property incomeGeorge M. Smith. Farm output and income—Fred G. Kappler. Interest income—Mary Kate Schuster. Rental income of persons and housing output—Denise A. McBride, Shaunda M. Villones.

Consumption of fixed capitalShelby W. Herman. Private—Phyllistine M. Barnes, Michael D. Glenn, Kurt Kunze, Dennis R. Weikel. GovernmentD. Timothy Dobbs, Jennifer A. Bennett, Charles S. Robinson.

NIPA information—Marilyn E. Baker, Phyllistine M. Barnes, Virginia H. Mannering, Teresa L. Weadock.

Secretarial—Esther M. Carter, Katherine Dent, Angela P. Pointer, Angela M. Tucker, Dorothy A. Wilson.

Other contributions to definitional, classificational, and statistical improvements were made by Robert L. Brown, Barbara M. Fraumeni, Bruce T. Grimm, Robert J. McCahill, Lisa C. Ninomiya, Mark A. Planting, and Robert E. Yuskavage.