Table 7.—Real Exports and Imports of Goods and Services

[Seasonally adjusted at annual rates]

Billions of chained (1996) dollars Percent change from preceding quarter
Level Change from preceding quarter 1999
1999 1999 I II III IV
Exports of goods and services1,077.0–14.410.028.422.2–
Exports of goods/1/782.6–17.87.729.219.3–9.34.316.910.5
Foods, feeds, and beverages58.7––.4–29.625.923.3–2.6
Industrial supplies and materials161.9––
Capital goods, except automotive356.2–7.6––8.7–1.532.14.7
Automotive vehicles, engines, and parts75.2––
Consumer goods, except automotive83.1.5–.–2.37.415.1
Exports of services/1/
Imports of goods and services1,426.737.844.547.633.712.514.414.910.0
Imports of goods/1/1,215.632.340.546.426.712.615.517.39.3
Foods, feeds, and beverages47.
Industrial supplies and materials, except petroleum and products163.903.
Petroleum and products76.91.44.7–2.6––11.6–25.1
Capital goods, except automotive406.77.923.019.516.79.629.222.818.3
Automotive vehicles, engines, and parts184.
Consumer goods, except automotive263.
Imports of services/1/

1. Exports and imports of certain goods, primarily military equipment purchased and sold by the Federal Government, are included in services.

NOTE.—See note to table 1 for an explanation of chained (1996) dollar series. Chained (1996) dollar levels and residuals are shown in NIPA table 4.4. Percent changes in major aggregates are shown in NIPA table S.1.