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February 2002

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8 A Tribute to Robert Nathan (PDF)

9 BEA's Industry Accounts (PDF)

BEA's industry accounts present a variety of economic statistics that provide detailed information on the flows of goods and services to industries for the production of gross output, on the contributions by private industries and government to the Nation's gross domestic product, and on the activities of specific sectors of the economy.

Regular features

1  Business Situation: Advance Estimates for the Fourth Quarter of 2001 (PDF)

Real GDP increased slightly in the fourth quarter of 2001 after decreasing in the third quarter. Spending by consumers and by government strengthened, while business investment in fixed assets and in inventories declined more than in the third quarter. Prices paid by U.S. residents registered a small increase after a slight decrease in the third quarter. For the year 2001, real GDP slowed to a 1.1-percent increase from a 4.1-percent increase in 2000, and gross domestic purchases prices slowed to a 1.7-percent increase from a 2.6-percent increase.

20 Personal Income by State: Third Quarter 2001 (PDF)

Reflecting the continued slowdown in personal income for the Nation, personal income increased less than 1.0 percent in 33 States in the third quarter of 2001. Personal income decreased 0.2 percent in Washington and 0.1 percent in Delaware, and it grew only 0.1 percent in Nevada and 0.2 percent in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Michigan. Iowa, Nebraska, Maine, Wyoming, and New Mexico had the fastest growth in personal income.


Note:   Files listed above contain the text and the tables of the articles; many of the tables are also available in XLS spreadsheets.

Reports and statistical presentations

D-1 BEA Current and Historical Data

National Data

D-2 Selected NIPA tables (PDF)

D-30 Other NIPA and NIPA-related tables (PDF)

D-39 Historical measures (PDF)

D-42 Domestic perspectives (PDF)

D-44 Charts (PDF)

International Data

D-52 Transactions tables (PDF)

D-58 Investment tables (PDF)

D-63 International perspectives (PDF)

D-64 Charts (PDF)

Regional Data

D-65 State and regional tables (PDF)

D-69 Local area table (PDF)

D-71 Charts (PDF)


D-73 Additional information about the NIPA estimates (PDF)

D-75 Suggested reading (PDF)



Looking Ahead

Change in BEA's Web Site Address. Effective February 11, 2002, BEA's Web site can be accessed via its new, shortened address of <>. Both the new address and the old address, <> , will function during an extended transition period. Updates on this conversion will be posted on the Web site.

U.S. Direct Investment Abroad. Preliminary results from the 1999 benchmark survey of U.S. direct investment abroad will be published in a forthcoming issue of the SURVEY. These results update the annual data series on the operations of U.S. multinational companies (MNC's) and provide additional data that are collected only in benchmark surveys. The article will focus on the location and the industry distribution of U.S. MNC's production and sales and will include the first data for these companies that are classified on the basis of the North American Industry Classification System.