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February 2006 - Volume 86 - Number 2

Director's Message

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Taking Account

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Business Situation: Advance Estimates for the Fourth Quarter of 2005

Real GDP increased 1.1 percent after increasing 4.1 percent. Real disposable personal income increased 7.0 percent after decreasing 2.0 percent. In 2005, real GDP increased 3.5 percent after increasing 4.2 percent in 2004. | Icon for P D F document. PDF version (453 kb)

  • The Monthly Treasury Statement and BEA's Estimates of Federal Government Spending | Icon for P D F document. PDF version (453 kb)

Gross Domestic Product: Revisions and Source Data

BEA uses a variety of source data to prepare its widely followed quarterly estimates of GDP. Each of the early estimates incorporates progessively more up-to-date source data. Overall, the picture of the economy shown by these estimates is little changed by later revisions. | Icon for P D F document. PDF version (349 kb)

Research Spotlight: Taxation and Multinational Activity: New Evidence, New Interpretations

Using data made available through a BEA program for outside researchers, three economists have produced a number of studies, summarized for the Survey, exploring the effect of various taxes on multinational firms' behavior.  | Icon for P D F document. PDF version (301 kb)

Looking Ahead

Federal Budget Estimates for Fiscal Year 2007. The March Survey will feature estimates of government receipts and outlays from the the Budget of the United States Government that are translated to a NIPA basis.


In the state personal income article in the January Survey , the slow growth in Alaska's personal dividend income was mistakenly attributed to a decline in Alaska Permanent Fund Benefits. These benefits are actually classified as a transfer receipt in state personal income, not as dividends. The information should have been "Alaska's dividends grew only 1.9 percent, slower than those for any other state except Vermont and West Virginia."

BEA Current and Historical Data

National Data

International Data

Regional Data


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