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 February 1994

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Special in this issue

42 Gross Product of U.S. Multinational Companies, 1977–91 (PDF)

The share of production of U.S. multinational companies (MNC’s) that originates in the United States has increased modestly since 1977. Among MNC’s in manufacturing, however, the foreign share of production has increased; this shift toward foreign operations has been concentrated in countries with relatively high wage rates, suggesting that wage rates are not the dominant factor in determining the location of manufacturing production.

64 New Estimates of Monthly U.S. International Services Transactions (PDF)

In March, BEA is introducing monthly estimates of U.S. international services transactions. These estimates will be combined with existing Census Bureau estimates of merchandise trade in a joint news release that will provide a more complete and more timely picture of U.S. foreign trade.

Regular features

1 Business Situation (PDF)

Real GDP increased 7.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 1993, compared with a 2.9-percent increase in the third quarter. Fixed investment—both nonresidential and residential—picked up strongly, and inventory investment and exports turned up sharply.

34 Federal Budget Estimates, Fiscal Year 1995 (PDF)

In ’s annual "translation" of the administration’s budget, the Federal deficit on a NIPA basis will shrink from $187.9 billion in fiscal year 1994 to $146.2 billion in fiscal year 1995. Before translation, the budget shows the deficit shrinking from $234.8 billion to $176.1 billion.

66 User's Guide to BEA Information (PDF)

Contains updated information to help users locate the most recent and most frequently requested BEAproducts. The guide also includes descriptions of BEA’s programs, as well as order information and forms.

66 General

69 National Economics

77 Regional Economics

82 International Economics

89 Other Tools for Economic Analysis

92 Order Forms

Reports and statistical presentations

9 National Income and Product Accounts (PDF)

9 Selected NIPA Tables (PDF)

28 NIPA Charts (PDF)

30 Reconciliation and Other Special Tables (PDF)

31 A Look at How BEA Presents the NIPA’s (PDF)


C-1 Business Cycle Indicators (PDF)

S-1 Current Business Statistics (PDF)

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Inside back cover: BEAInformation (PDF)

(A listing of recent BEA publications available from GPO)


Current Business Statistics. As this issue of the SURVEYwent to the printer, BEA received approval to reprogram selected resources into areas that are primary to its mission of preparing economic accounts. One result of this reprogramming is that BEA will discontinue compiling and publishing the "Current Business Statistics" (S-pages) section of the SURVEY. The March 1994 SURVEY will be the last issue containing this section. BEA series that are presently published in the S-pages will be retained elsewhere in the SURVEY. BEA will provide a listing of sources for the S-page series, including addresses and telephone numbers, in the March and April issues.