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March 2004 - Volume 84 - Number 3

Business Situation: Preliminary Estimates for the Fourth Quarter of 2003

The pace of U.S. production slowed in the fourth quarter, as real GDP increased 4.1 percent after increasing 8.2 percent in the third quarter. The deceleration mainly reflected slower growth of consumer spending and a deterioration in the trade balance. Inflation slowed: The price index for gross domestic purchases increased 1.1 percent after increasing 1.8 percent, mainly reflecting a downturn in energy prices. | PDF | XLS

Federal Budget Estimates for Fiscal Year 2005

Each year, BEA prepares an adjusted presentation of the administration's budget estimates from the Budget of the United States Government that is consistent with the framework of the NIPAs. The fiscal year relationships derived from the budget estimates are then used in preparing BEA's quarterly estimates of Federal Government current receipts and expenditures. This year, the NIPA framework reflects the results of the 2003 comprehensive NIPA revision. For fiscal year 2005, the net Federal Government saving on the NIPA basis is estimated at -$338.0 billion, compared with the deficit of $363.6 billion in the administration's budget. | PDF

Comprehensive NIPA Revision: Newly Available Tables

The Bureau of Economic Analysis continues to release the results of the 12th comprehensive revision of the NIPAs. | PDF Interactive Data

Errata: Sources of the Revisions to Selected Income Components

In the article on the comprehensive NIPA revision in the 2004 February Survey, the definitional and statistical sources of the revisions to taxes on production and imports and to business current transfer payments for several years were misreported. | PDF | XLS

Preview of the Comprehensive Revision of the Annual Industry Accounts: Integrating the Annual Input-Output Accounts and the Gross-Domestic-Product-by-Industry Accounts

The upcoming comprehensive revision of the annual industry accounts features the integration of these two sets of accounts. For the first time, these two sets of accounts will be released concurrently and will present fully consistent measures of gross output, intermediate inputs, and value added by industry. In addition, the annual input-output accounts for 1998-2002 will be a consistent time series. | PDF

A Note on Patterns of Production and Employment by U.S. Multinational Companies

This note examines recent patterns and trends in the worldwide operations of U.S. multinationals with a focus on production and employment. For example, U.S. parents have consistently accounted for about three-fourths, and their majority-owned foreign affiliates for about one-fourth, of the total gross product, capital expenditures, and employment of U.S. multinationals. The note concludes with a discussion of several data and analytical considerations. | PDF

Looking Ahead

Comprehensive Revision of State Personal Income. An upcoming Survey article will present the results of the comprehensive revision of state personal income. The revised estimates will incorporate the results of the recent comprehensive NIPA revision, improvements in the source data and methods that are used for the state estimates, and newly available data from regular sources.


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