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May 2005 - Volume 85 - Number 5

Business Situation: Advance Estimates for the First Quarter of 2005

Real GDP grew 3.1 percent in the first quarter of 2005, compared with 3.8 percent in the preceding quarter. The lower growth rate reflected a slowdown in business investment in equipment and software, a slowdown in consumer spending, and a widening of the trade balance. | PDF

Annual Industry Accounts: Advance Estimates for 2004

The U.S. economy in 2004 reflected robust growth in the private services-producing sector, moderate growth in the goods-producing sector, and a modest acceleration in prices. | PDF

Local Area Personal Income for 2001-2003

Growth in local area personal income accelerated in 2003. Personal income in micropolitan areas grew 3.7 percent, and personal income in metropolitan areas grew 3.1 percent. | PDF

  • Alternative Measures of County Employment and Wages | PDF

Index to the NIPA Tables

This index has been updated to reflect changes in classifications and presentation that resulted from the 2003 comprehensive NIPA revision and the 2004 annual NIPA revision. | PDF

Errata: U.S. International Transactions 


Looking Ahead

Travel and Tourism Satellite Accounts for 2001-2004. Updated and expanded estimates are scheduled to be published in an upcoming issues of the Survey.

BEA Current and Historical Data

National Data

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International Data

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Regional Data

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