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June 2005 - Volume 85 - Number 6

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Taking Account


Business Situation: Preliminary Estimates for the First Quarter of 2005

Real GDP increased 3.5 percent after increasing 3.8 percent in the fourth quarter, reflecting slowdowns in business investment in equipment and software and in consumer spending. Corporate profits increased $57.5 billion after decreasing $150.8 billion. Net government saving increased $49.5 billion to -$246.6 billion. | PDF

U.S. Travel and Tourism Satellite Accounts for 2001-2004

The tourism industry has continued to rebound from the marked slowdown in 2001, though employment in the industry remains weak, according to the most recent estimates. | PDF

Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: New Investment in 2004

Outlays to acquire or establish U.S. businesses increased 26 percent to $79.8 billion, reflecting strong U.S. economic growth and a resurgence in worldwide merger and acquisition activity. | PDF

Subject Guide for the January-June 2005 Issues


Looking Ahead

Annual Revision of the U.S. International Transactions Accounts. A summary of the revisions to these transactions for 1991-2004 that includes the major sources of the revisions will be published in the July Survey.

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