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 June 1997

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Special in this issue

15 Comprehensive Revision of Gross State Product by Industry, 1977–94 (PDF)

BEA’s estimates of gross state product (GSP) have been updated to incorporate the results of the most recent comprehensive revision of the NIPA’s, including the use of chain-type measures of real output and the new treatment of government investment. In addition, the revised estimates incorporate the results of the most recent comprehensive revision of State personal income and several major improvements in the State-level source data and estimating procedures for GSP. For 1977–94, the five States with the fastest growth in real GSP were Nevada, Arizona, New Hampshire, Florida, and Georgia.

Regular features

1 Business Situation (PDF)

In the first quarter of 1997, real GDP increased 5.8 percent—its biggest increase in more than 9 years—up from a 3.8-percent increase in the fourth quarter of 1996; the price index for gross domestic purchases increased 2.2 percent after increasing 2.6 percent. Corporate profits jumped $46.7 billion, in contrast to a $7.2 billion decrease in the fourth quarter. In the first quarter, the Federal Government current deficit decreased $24.1 billion, to $81.8 billion, the smallest deficit since the third quarter of 1981; the State and local government current surplus increased $4.4 billion, to $95.3 billion. Revised estimates of the rate of return—measured as ratio of property income to the stock of net reproducible tangible assets—for domestic non-financial corporations for 1959–95 are 1-to-2 percentage points lower than the previously published estimates.

42 Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: New Investment in 1996 and Affiliate Operations in 1995 (PDF)

In 1996, outlays by foreign investors for acquiring or establishing businesses in the United States surged to a record $80.5 billion. The industry composition of outlays in 1996 tended to be more heavily weighted with service-type industries—including finance, insurance, communication, and a number of business services—than in past years, and the outlays in manufacturing tended to be more concentrated in industries that are information related or that use advanced technologies. In 1995, most measures of the operations of U.S. affiliates of foreign companies increased. However, the rates of increase slowed in some key measures; for example, the gross product of non bank U.S. affiliates increased 4 percent in 1995 after increasing 10 percent in 1994.

Reports and statistical presentations

70 Subject Guide: Volume 77 (1997), Numbers 1–6 (PDF)

D–1 BEA Current and Historical Data

National Data:

D--2 Selected NIPA Tables (PDF)
D--27 Other NIPA and NIPA-Related Tables (PDF)
D--36 Historical Tables (PDF)
D--47 Domestic Perspectives (PDF)
D--49 Charts (PDF)

International Data:

D–57 Summary U.S. international transactions (PDF)

D–63 Investment tables (PDF)

D–68 International perspectives (PDF)

D–70 Charts (PDF)

Regional Data:

D--71 State and regional tables (PDF)

D--75 Local area table (PDF)

D--77 Charts (PDF)


D--79 Appendix A: Additional information about BEA’s NIPA estimates (PDF)
D--81 Appendix B: Suggested reading (PDF)

Inside back cover: BEA Information (PDF)

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Back Cover:  Schedule of Upcoming BEA News Releases (PDF)



Annual Revision of the U.S. International Transactions Accounts. An article presenting revised estimates of U.S. international transactions and discussing major sources of the revisions will appear in the July SURVEY. Most revisions will extend back to the first quarter of 1992. Selected data will be made available on June 19 as part of the release of U.S. international transactions for the first quarter of 1997.

Annual Revision of the National Income and Product Accounts. An article presenting revised NIPA estimates and discussing major sources of the revisions will appear in the August SURVEY. The revisions will extend back to the first quarter of 1993. Selected data will be made available on July 31 as part of the release of the advanced GDP estimates for the second quarter of 1997.

BEA Order Desk. On July 1,1997, BEA is implementing a new order processing operation to better serve customer needs. One feature of the new operation is that customers will be able to order any product that BEA sells by calling the BEA Order Desk at the following toll free number: 1–800–704–0415.