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Survey of Current Business

Spreadsheets for data tables in July 2002 SCB

Special in this issue

33 Annual Revision of the U.S. International Accounts, 1993-2001

Tables 1-3

Regular features

1 Business Situation: Final Estimates for the First Quarter of 2002

Tables 1-5

10 The International Investment Position of the United States at Yearend 2001

Tables 1-2

21 Direct Investment Positions for 2001: Country and Industry Detail

Tables 1-3.2

41 U.S. International Transactions, First Quarter 2002

CSV files containing data for Tables 1-10 can be downloaded from the International Transactions database

Reports and statistics

8 Real Inventories, Sales, and Inventory-Sales Ratios for Manufacturing and Trade, 2002:I

Tables 1b - 4b