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July 1999

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Special in this issue

60 U.S. International Transactions, Revised Estimates for 1982--98 (PDF)

In this year's annual revision of the balance of payments accounts, the structure of the accounts is modified in order to improve the presentation of the different types of international transactions and to bring the accounts into closer alignment with international guidelines. As a result, U.S. international transactions are now classified into three groups---the current account, the capital account, and the financial account. Several major improvements to the estimates are also introduced, including improved measures of income receipts and improved seasonal adjustment of exports of goods. The revised estimate of the U.S. current-account deficit for 1998 is $-$$220.6 billion, compared with the previously published estimate of $-$$233.4 billion.

Regular features

1 Business Situation (PDF)

Real GDP increased 4.3 percent in the first quarter of 1999, according to the NIPA ``final'' estimate; the ``preliminary'' estimate issued last month had shown a 4.1-percent increase. Corporate profits increased $47.1 billion (or 5.7 percent at a quarterly rate) in the first quarter after decreasing $5.3 billion (0.6 percent) in the fourth.

8 U.S. Multinational Companies: Operations in 1997 (PDF)

The operations of U.S. multinational companies (MNC's) continued to grow at a strong pace in 1997: Worldwide gross product of U.S. parent companies and their majority-owned foreign affiliates increased 5.6 percent, employment increased 6.1 percent, and capital expenditures increased 13.7 percent. The strong growth in MNC operations reflected continued economic growth and a strong upturn in new investments.

36 The International Investment Position of the United States at Yearend 1998 (PDF)

The net international investment position of the United States became more negative in 1998: On a current-cost basis, it was $-$$1,239.2 billion, compared with $-$$968.2 billion in 1997; and on a market-value basis, it was $-$$1,537.5 billion, compared with $-$$1,066.3 billion in 1997. The net position on both bases became more negative mainly as a result of large net financial inflows and strong price appreciation in foreign-owned assets in the United States that reflected a steep rise in U.S. stock prices.

48 Direct Investment Positions for 1998: Country and Industry Detail (PDF)

In 1998, the U.S. direct investment position abroad valued at historical cost increased 13 percent, reflecting record capital outflows---mainly equity capital and reinvested earnings. By country, the largest increases were with the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The foreign direct investment position in the United States valued at historical cost increased 17 percent, reflecting record capital inflows that were boosted by two exceptionally large transactions involving acquisitions of U.S. firms. By country, the largest increases were with Germany and the United Kingdom.

75 U.S. International Transactions, First Quarter 1999 (PDF)

The U.S. current-account deficit increased $6.9 billion, to $68.6 billion, in the first quarter of 1999, as a large increase in the deficit on goods more than offset a small increase in the surplus on services, a small decrease in the deficit on income, and a decrease in net unilateral current transfers. In the financial account, net recorded inflows slowed to $84.1 billion from $99.2 billion, as a sharp slowdown in inflows for foreign-owned assets in the United States more than offset a shift from outflows to inflows for transactions in U.S.-owned assets abroad.

Reports and statistical presentations

6 Real Inventories, Sales, and Inventory-Sales Ratios
for Manufacturing and Trade (PDF)

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