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Excel spreadsheets for tables in August 2001 SCB

Annual Revision of the National Income and Product Accounts: Annual Estimates, 1998-2000, and Quarterly Estimates, 1998:I-2001:I
Tables 1 through 8, Appendix A, and Table A (XLS)

Gross State Product by Industry, 1992-99
Tables 1 through 7, and Appendix A  (XLS)

Business Situation
Tables 1 through 5 (XLS)

U.S. Affiliates of Foreign Companies: Operations in 1999
Spreadsheet not yet available; please check back

Personal Income by State: First Quarter 2001 and Revised Quarterly Estimates for 2000
Tables A through D (XLS)
Table 1 and 2 (XLS)


Estimates shown in the following tables are available through the NIPA's selective access feature:
National Income and Product Accounts Tables
GDP and Other Major NIPA Series, 1929-2001:I