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Table of Contents September 2002

Regular features

1 Business Situation: Preliminary Estimates for the Second Quarter of 2002

  • Real GDP increased 1.1 percent in the second quarter of 2002, according to the "preliminary" estimate, after increasing 5.0 percent in the first quarter. The advance estimate issued last month had also indicated a 1.1-percent increase. Corporate profits decreased 1.7 percent in the second quarter, the same as in the first (quarterly rates). The current deficit of the Federal Government increased $41.6 billion, to $185.1 billion, in the second quarter. In contrast, the current deficit of State and local governments decreased $8.5 billion, to $43.2 billion.
    (PDF) (Tables in XLS format)

17 Note on the Profitability of Domestic Nonfinancial Corporations, 1960-2001

  • The profitability of domestic nonfinancial corporations, as measured by property income's before-tax rate of return on capital, dropped from 7.7 percent in 2000 to 6.9 percent in 2001. The revised estimates of the rates of return for 1999 and 2000 and the new estimates for 2001 incorporate the results of the recent annual revision of the NIPA's.
    (PDF) (Tables in XLS format)


Reports and statistics

21 Annual NIPA Revision: Newly Available Tables

  • (PDF) (The tables in this report may be viewed and downloaded interactively .)

23 Fixed Assets and Consumer Durable Goods for 1925-2001

38 Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: Detail for Historical-Cost Position and Related Capital and Income Flows, 2001

  • (PDF) (Tables in XLS format.)

68 U.S. Direct Investment Abroad: Detail for Historical-Cost Position and Related Capital and Income Flows, 2001

  • (PDF) (Tables in XLS format.)

D-1 BEA Current and Historical Data

National Data

  • D-2 Selected NIPA tables (PDF)
    D-30 Other NIPA and NIPA-related tables (PDF)
    D-39 Historical measures (PDF)
    D-42 Domestic perspectives (PDF)
    D-44 Charts (PDF)

International Data

  • D-52 Transactions tables (PDF)
    D-58 Investment tables (PDF)
    D-63 International perspectives (PDF)
    D-64 Charts (PDF)

Regional Data

  • D-65 State and regional tables (PDF)
    D-69 Local area table (PDF)
    D-71 Charts (PDF)


  • D-73 Additional information about the NIPA estimates (PDF
    D-75 Suggested reading (PDF)

Looking Ahead

  • U.S. International Services. An article presenting estimates of cross-border trade in services for 2001 and of sales of services through affiliates for 2000 is scheduled to be published in the October Survey . The estimates of cross-border trade will incorporate the preliminary results of BEA's 2001 Benchmark Survey of Selected Services Transactions With Unaffiliated Foreign Persons.
  • State Personal Income. An article presenting revised estimates of State personal income and of State per capita personal income for 1999-2001 is scheduled to be published in the October Survey. The revised estimates will incorporate the recent annual revision of the NIPA's and newly available State source data.