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XLS spreadsheets for tables in October 2001 SCB


99 State Personal Income, Revised Estimates for 1998-2000
Tables A and B (XLS)
Tables 1 and 2 (XLS)
Table 3 (XLS)

1 Business Situation
Tables 1 through 5 (XLS)

65 U.S. International Transactions, Second Quarter 2001
Tables A through E (XLS)
Spreadsheets containing data included in Tables 1 through 10 can be found on the International Accounts data page.


7 Real Inventories, Sales, and Inventory-Sales Ratios for Manufacturing and Trade, 1997:IV-2001:II (not available at this time)

10 Annual NIPA Revision: Newly Available Tables
Spreadsheets containing the data in these tables can be obtained through our NIPA's selective access feature

94 Cross-Border Trade in Services, 1986-2000 (XLS)

98 Errata: Detail for Foreign Direct Investment in the United States (XLS)