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October 1998

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Special in this issue

20 State Personal Income, Revised Estimates for 1982–97 (PDF)

The annual estimates of State personal income for 1995–97 were revised to incorporate the results of the recent annual revision of the national income and product accounts (NIPA's), as well as newly available State-level source data; in addition, the State estimates were revised back to 1982 to incorporate the NIPA redefinition of personal dividend income. The revisions to the State estimates generally reflected the downward revisions to the national estimates; among the States, the relative rates of change in personal income and the relative rankings of State per capita personal income changed little.

Regular features

1 Business Situation (PDF)

Real GDP increased 1.8 percent in the second quarter of 1998, according to the "final" estimate; the "preliminary" estimate issued last month had shown a 1.6-percent increase. The largest upward revision was to consumer spending. Corporate profits decreased $8.6 billion in the second quarter after increasing $8.4 billion in the first; profits of domestic nonfinancial corporations decreased after no change, and profits of domestic financial corporations and from the rest of the world turned down.

42 U.S. International Transactions, Second Quarter 1998 (PDF)

The U.S. current-account deficit increased $9.8 billion, to $56.5 billion, in the second quarter of 1998. A substantial increase in the deficit on goods and an increase in the deficit on investment income more than offset a small increase in the surplus on services and a small decrease in net unilateral transfers. In the capital account, capital outflows increased less than capital inflows. U.S. assets abroad increased $97.5 billion after increasing $45.6 billion, and foreign assets in the United States increased $163.4 billion after increasing $95.5 billion.

71 U.S. International Sales and Purchases of Private Services: U.S. Cross­Border Transactions in 1997 and Sales by Affiliates in 1996 (PDF)

In 1997, U.S. cross-border sales (exports) of private services increased less than U.S. cross-border purchases (imports) of private services. In 1996,salesof services in the United States by U.S. affiliates of foreign companies increased less than sales of services abroad by foreign affiliates of U.S. companies. Nev-ertheless, the U.S. continued to register sizable surpluses on both cross-border and affiliate services transactions, reflecting the U.S. comparative advantage in the provision of services.

Reports and statistical presentations

5 Annual NIPA Revision: Newly Available Tables (PDF)
16 Real Inventories, Sales, and Inventory­Sales Ratios for Manufacturing
     and Trade, 1994:IV–1998:II (PDF)
117 U.S. Direct Investment Abroad: Detail for Historical­Cost Position
       and Related Capital and Income Flows, 1997 (PDF)

D--1 BEA Current and Historical Data

National Data:

D--2 Selected NIPA Tables (PDF)
D--27 Other NIPA and NIPA-Related Tables (PDF)
D--36 Historical Tables (PDF)
D--41 Domestic Perspectives (PDF)
D--43 Charts (PDF)

International Data:

D--51 Transactions Tables (PDF)
D--57 Investment Tables (PDF)
D--62 International Perspectives (PDF)
D--64 Charts (PDF)

Regional Data:

D--65 Local Area Table (PDF)

Appendixes: (PDF)

D--67 Appendix A: Additional Information About BEA's NIPA Estimates
D--69 Appendix B: Suggested Reading

Inside back cover: BEA Information (PDF)

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Back cover: Schedule of Upcoming BEA News Releases (PDF)

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