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November 2001

Regular features

1 Business Situation (PDF)

U.S. production decreased in the third quarter of 2001 after four quarters of sub-par growth. Exports and nonresidential fixed investment declined sharply for the second consecutive quarter, and consumer spending and State and local government spending increased much less in the third quarter than in the second. Prices paid by U.S. residents decreased in the third quarter. The third-quarter estimates of production and prices reflect the economic effects of the September 11th terrorist attacks (see the box on pages 2 and 3).


9 Comparison of BEA Estimates of Personal Income and IRS Estimates of Adjusted Gross Income, 1998-99  (PDF)

BEA's estimates of personal income and the IRS estimates of adjusted gross income (AGI)--two widely used measures of household income--are reconciled through a series of adjustments for definitional and statistical differences between the two measures. This year's reconciliation reflects the recent annual revision of the NIPA's and recent updates to the AGI estimates.



17 Gross Domestic Product by Industry for 1998-2000  (PDF)

In 2000, real GDP growth for private industries slowed, but that for government picked up. Among the private industries, growth slowed for manufacturing, for construction, for transportation and public utilities, and for mining. Growth for information technology-related industries remained strong. The new estimates for 2000 and the revised estimates for 1998 and 1999 incorporate the results of this year's annual revision of the NIPA's and newly available source data.



34 Reconciliation of the U.S.-Canadian Current Account, 1999 and 2000  (PDF)

Each year, the U.S. and Canadian current-account estimates are reconciled using a common set of definitions, methodologies, and data sources. On the reconciled basis, the U.S. current-account deficits with Canada are larger than those shown in the U.S.-published accounts. For 1999, the deficit on the reconciled basis is $19.1 billion, compared with the U.S.-published deficit of $14.7 billion. For 2000, the reconciled deficit is $39.6 billion, compared with the published deficit of $30.7 billion.



49 U.S. International Services: Cross-Border Trade in 2000 and Sales Through Affiliates in 1999 (PDF)

In 2000, U.S. cross-border exports of private services increased 9 percent, to $278.6 billion, and U.S. cross-border imports of these services increased 16 percent, to $200.6 billion. As a result, the U.S. surplus on cross-border trade in services decreased $3.2 billion, to $78.0 billion. In 1999, the most recent year for which the data are available, sales of private services abroad through foreign affiliates of U.S. companies were $338.4 billion, and sales of these services in the United States through U.S. affiliates of foreign companies were $289.3 billion.

   (Corrected, December 6, 2001) 



97 Personal Income by State, Second Quarter 2001 (PDF)

Reflecting the slowdown in the growth in personal income for the Nation, the growth in personal income slowed in 40 States in the second quarter of 2001. By State, personal income grew the fastest in Nevada, New Mexico, California, and Florida, and it grew the slowest in North Dakota, Iowa, and West Virginia.




Reports and statistical presentations

116 State Per Capita Personal Income, Revised Estimates for 1991-2000  (PDF)

Note:   Files listed above contain the text and the tables of the articles;
most of the tables are also available in XLS spreadsheets.


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Looking Ahead

BEA's Strategic Plan. BEA will publish its preliminary Strategic Plan for 2001-2005 in the December Survey. This plan, which has been developed over the past year, will present the overall goals that will guide BEA's future and the detailed activities and milestones that BEA will undertake to achieve those goals.


Evaluation of the GDP Estimates. An article that presents the results of a periodic evaluation of BEA's estimates of GDP, gross domestic income, and their components will be published in the December Survey. The article will examine the record of revisions to the annual and quarterly estimates in order to assess the reliability of these estimates.