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Regular features

1 Business Situation
Tables 1 through 5,
Table A, and
Adjustment for September 11

9 Comparison of BEA Estimates of Personal Income and IRS Estimates of Adjusted Gross Income, 1998-99
Tables 1 through 5

17 Gross Domestic Product by Industry for 1998-2000
Tables 1 through 14
Tables a through h

34 Reconciliation of the U.S.-Canadian Current Account, 1999 and 2000 
Tables 1 through 7

49 U.S. International Services: Cross-Border Trade in 2000 and Sales Through Affiliates in 1999
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97 Personal Income by State, Second Quarter 2001
Tables a through d
Tables 1 and 2

Reports and statistical presentations

116 State Per Capita Personal Income, Revised Estimates for 1991-2000
Tables 1 and 2