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Table of Contents December 2002

Special in this issue

19 Benchmark Input-Output Accounts of the United States, 1997

  • The 1997 benchmark input-output (I-O) accounts present a detailed picture of the interactions among industries that combine to produce the Nation's GDP. A major change introduced in the 1997 I-O accounts is the incorporation of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), which provides a new treatment of the service activities of central administrative offices and other types of auxiliaries and a more detailed presentation of the increasingly important service industries. The 1997 accounts feature I-O tables that are more consistent with the GDP-by-industry accounts and the gross state product accounts and with other industry data that are based on NAICS.
    (PDF) (The tables from this article may be viewed and downloaded interactively.)


Regular features

1 Business Situation: Preliminary Estimates for the Third Quarter of 2002

  • Real GDP increased 4.0 percent in the third quarter, according to the "preliminary" estimate, a sizable upward revision from the 3.1-percent increase shown in the "advance" estimate issued last month. However, both estimates indicated that economic growth stepped up from the 1.3-percent increase in the second quarter. Corporate profits decreased 1.8 percent (quarterly rate), about the same decrease as in the two preceding quarters. The current deficit of the Federal Government was unchanged, at $190.3 billion, and the current deficit of State and local governments grew to $51.8 billion.
    (PDF) (Tables in XLS format)

111 U.S. Multinational Companies: Operations in 2000

  • The worldwide gross product of U.S. multinational companies increased 8.7 percent in 2000. The strong growth was evident in the operations of both U.S. parents and their majority-owned foreign affiliates. The growth in the operations of the affiliates was fueled both by expansions of existing affiliates and by acquisitions and establishments of new affiliates. By industry, the strongest growth was in petroleum-related activities. By area, the sharpest increases were in Africa and the Middle East.
    (PDF) (Tables in XLS format)


Reports and statistics

17 Updated NIPA Tables

  • (PDF) (The tables from this report may be viewed and downloaded interactively.)

132 Subject Guide for 2002

134 Schedule of BEA News Releases in 2003

D-1 BEA Current and Historical Data

National Data

  • D-2 Selected NIPA tables (PDF)
  • D-30 Other NIPA and NIPA-related tables (PDF)
  • D-39 Historical measures (PDF)
  • D-42 Domestic perspectives (PDF)
  • D-44 Charts (PDF)

International Data

  • D-52 Transactions tables (PDF)
  • D-58 Investment tables (PDF)
  • D-63 International perspectives (PDF)
  • D-64 Charts (PDF)

Regional Data

  • D-65 State and regional tables (PDF)
  • D-69 Local area table (PDF)
  • D-71 Charts (PDF)


  • D-73 Additional information about the NIPA estimates (PDF
  • D-75 Suggested reading (PDF)

Looking Ahead

  • Preview of Revised NIPA Estimates. An article that previews the impact of incorporating the 1997 benchmark input-output accounts in the upcoming comprehensive revision of the NIPA's will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Survey. These "preliminary" revised NIPA estimates will not reflect the definitional changes and the other statistical changes that will also be incorporated in the comprehensive revision.