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December 2005 - Volume 85 - Number 12

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Director's Message | Icon for P D F document. PDF version (209 kb)

Taking Account | Icon for P D F document. PDF version (83 kb)

Business Situation: Preliminary Estimates for the Third Quarter of 2005

Real GDP increased 4.3 percent after increasing 3.3 percent in the second quarter. Corporate profits decreased $45.5 billion after increasing $59.3 billion. Net government saving decreased $129. 9 billion to -$406.0 billion. | Icon for P D F document. PDF version (667 kb)

  • The Impact of the Third-Quarter Hurricanes on the NIPAs | Icon for P D F document. PDF version ( 313 kb)

Annual Industry Accounts: Revised Estimates for 2002-2004

Real economic growth was strong in 2004, reflecting strength in both the services-producing sector and the goods-producing sector, according to the most recent update of BEA's annual industry accounts. | Icon for P D F document. PDF version (1024 kb)

  • Gross Output: Annual Industry Estimates and Preliminary Benchmark I-O Estimates | Icon for P D F document. PDF version ( 1024 kb)
  • Annual Input-Output Tables and the Health Care Industry, 1998-2004 | Icon for P D F document. PDF version ( 1024  kb)

Gross Domestic Product by Industry for 1947-86: New Estimates Based on the North American Industry Classification System

These new NAICS-based estimates show, among other trends, the economic shift from goods-producing industries to services-producing industries since World War II. | Icon for P D F document. PDF version (481 kb)

  • Interpreting the Value-Added Price Index | Icon for P D F document. PDF version (481 kb)

Subject Guide for 2005

This guide lists the articles that were published in the Survey in 2005. | Icon for P D F document. PDF version (102 kb)

Looking Ahead

State Personal Income: The estimates for the third quarter of 2005 will be published in the January Survey . These estimates will reflect the effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on personal income in the Gulf Coast states.

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  • Additional information about the NIPA estimatesIcon for P D F document. PDF version (233 kb)
  • Suggested reading | Icon for P D F document. PDF version (136 kb)