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 December 1994

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Regular features

1 Business Situation (PDF)

The "final" estimates for the third quarter of 1994 show a growth in real GDP of 4.0 percent, about the same pace as in the second quarter. Real GNP increased 3.8 percent, also about the same pace as in the second quarter. Corporate profits increased $9.6 billion, considerably less than in the second quarter, when they had rebounded from the effects of the Northridge, California, earthquake.

30 U.S. International Transactions, Third Quarter 1994 (PDF)

The U.S. current-account deficit increased $3.8 billion, to $41.7 billion, in the third quarter. The deficit on goods and services increased, as merchandise imports increased more than merchandise exports. The deficit on investment income also increased, as income payments on foreign assets in the United States increased more than income receipts on U.S. assets abroad.

Reports and statistical presentations

4 National Income and Product Accounts (PDF)

  4 Selected NIPA Tables

23  NIPA Charts

25 Reconciliation and Other Special Tables

26 Selected Monthly Estimates (PDF)

28 Constant-Dollar Inventories, Sales, and Inventory-Sales Ratios for Manufacturing and Trade (PDF)

57 1995 Release Dates for BEA Estimates (PDF)

58 Subject Guide: Volume 74 (PDF)

C-1 Business Cycle Indicators (PDF)

C-1 Data tables

C-6 Footnotes for pages C-1 through C-5

C-7 Charts

C-28 Historical data for selected series




Userís Guide. An updated "Userís Guide to BEA Information" will appear in next monthís SURVEY. The guide contains descriptions of BEAís programs, products, and services, as well as order information and forms.

Mid-Decade Review. As part of a mid-decade strategic review of the national, regional, and international accounts, BEA will publish a report in the February SURVEY that identifies the most pressing needs of the system and that recommends specific steps to address these needs. The mid-decade review is designed to guide improvements in the Federal Governmentís statistical picture of the U.S. economy.