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 December 1996

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Special in this issue

11 Operations of U.S. Multinational Companies: Preliminary Results From the 1994 Benchmark Survey (PDF)

The overseas operations of U.S. multinational companies (MNCs) remain concentrated in a small number of large, high-income economies, and most of their overseas production is for sale in local markets rather than for export back to the United States; thus, the location of overseas production by U.S. MNCs appears to be determined more by access to markets than by access to low-wage labor or to natural resources. U.S. MNCs continue to play a large, though somewhat diminished, role in U.S. international trade in goods. These findings are based on preliminary results from BEAs latest benchmark survey of U.S. direct investment abroad, which covers 1994.

Regular features

1 Business Situation (PDF)

Real GDP increased 2.0 percent in the third quarter of 1996 after increasing 4.7 percent in the second quarter; the slowdown was mainly accounted for by a slowdown in personal consumption expenditures and by a downturn in government spending. Corporate profits decreased $1.1 billion in the third quarter after increasing $10.7 billion in the second. The Federal Government current deficit decreased $6.7 billion, to $120.3 billion, and the State and local government current surplus decreased $11.9 billion, to $89.1 billion.

Reports and statistical presentations

38 Subject Guide, Volume 76 (1996) (PDF)

40 1997 Release Dates for BEA Estimates (PDF)

D1 BEA Current and Historical Data

National Data:

D--2 Selected NIPA Tables (PDF)
D--26 Other NIPA and NIPA-Related Tables (PDF)
D--34 Historical Tables (PDF)
D--45 Domestic Perspectives (PDF)
D--47 Charts (PDF)

International Data:

D55 Summary U.S. international transactions (PDF)

Regional Data:

D--66 Selected State and regional estimates (PDF)
D--68 Gross State product (PDF)


D--69 Appendix A: Additional information about BEAs NIPA estimates (PDF)
D--71 Appendix B: Suggested reading (PDF)

Inside back cover: BEA Information (PDF)

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As part of BEAs continuing effort to focus its resources on the production and dissemination of its core economic statistics, this issue of the SURVEY introduces an expanded section of tables and charts that better highlights BEAs national, regional, and international accounts estimates. The section begins with "National Data," which includes the standard presentation of the "Selected NIPA Tables," monthly and annual estimates, historical tables, and principal statistics from other agencies. "International Data" presents summary statistics on the balance of payments and the international investment position and on U.S. direct investment abroad and foreign direct investment in the United States. "Regional Data" presents summary estimates of State personal income and of gross state product. The section concludes with appendixes that provide additional information about the NIPAs and a list of suggested readings. We would be most interested in receiving comments and suggestions about this presentation of the data that BEA produces. Please write to the Editor-in-Chief, Current Business Analysis Division, BE64, Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230, or e-mail


Availability of Revised NIPA-Related Estimates. Release of the revised estimates of reproducible tangible wealth for 1929-95 and of the revised NIPA estimates for 1929-58 has been delayed until spring 1997; see the box on page 10.