2018 Comprehensive Update


Background materials

Table Changes

Draft National Income and Product Account (NIPA) Table Formats Excel

Note: Additional tables changes effective with the July 27 release of the 2018 Comprehensive Update of the NIPAs:

  • Newly available not seasonally adjusted statistics are presented in a new “Section 8”
  • Existing not seasonally adjusted Tables 3.22 and 3.23 (which present government current receipts and expenditures), are moved to the new Section 8 and are renumbered 8.3 and 8.4, respectively
  • Tables 1.1.6A-D are discontinued
  • Tables 5.9.xA and 5.9.xB are replaced with Table 5.9.x
  • Reference year updated from 2009 to 2012
  • Start period on chained-dollar tables updated from 1999 to 2002 Excel

“Standard” GDP news release table formats (for August 29th and subsequent releases) Excel

Note: There are no changes to the formats of the Personal Income and Outlays news release tables.

Draft Registers for Flat File Downloads


2018 NIPA Comprehensive Update Table Release Plan

June 22: Draft formats for new and modified NIPA tables, including table titles, line stubs, and footnotes, but no estimates. (posted above)

July 27, 8:30 AM: News release for "GDP: Second Quarter 2018 (Advance Estimate), Comprehensive Update: 1929 through First Quarter 2018." Web release of the quarterly "selected" NIPA tables through BEA's interactive data system.

July 31: At 8:30 AM: News release for "Personal Income and Outlays: June 2018" and Web release of monthly NIPA tables.

By August 3: Web release of "Underlying Detail" tables through BEA's interactive data system.

By August 10: Web release of most NIPA tables not included in the "selected" NIPA tables through BEA's interactive data system.

Mid-September: In the September Survey of Current Business, publication of the article that details the results of the 2018 Comprehensive Update of the NIPAs which includes:

      The seven NIPA summary accounts

      The table of selected components and major source data

      The tables of revisions to major aggregates

September through December: Release of NIPA tables 2.9, 3.15-3.23, 5.10, 7.15, and 7.19, and of the fixed assets accounts tables and of the integrated macroeconomic accounts through BEA's interactive data system.

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