U.S. Direct Investment Abroad (USDIA)

Activities of U.S. Multinational Enterprises (MNEs)

The activities of multinational enterprises statistics available here provide a picture of the overall activities of U.S. multinational enterprises – both their U.S. and foreign operations -- and contain a wide variety of indicators of their financial structure and operations. These statistics cover items that are needed in analyzing the characteristics, performance, and economic impact of MNEs, and are obtained from mandatory surveys of U.S. multinational enterprises conducted by BEA.

Please Note

BEA has adopted the use of standard international terminology in BEA’s international economic accounts by replacing the term “multinational companies” with “multinational enterprises” and the term “financial and operating (F&O)” statistics with “activities of multinational enterprises (AMNE).” This change in terminology reflects BEA’s effort to conform more closely with international guidelines and does not affect the actual statistics produced.

Visit our interactive system to display and download customizable time series tables and charts with data on the activities of U.S. MNEs and their foreign affiliates. More information on interactive system.