The Plain Writing Act of 2010 (PDF) requires federal agencies to write "clear Government communication that the public can understand and use." We at the Bureau of Economic Analysis are committed to writing new documents in plain language, using the Federal Plain Language Guidelines.

We need your help to comply with this Act! Let us know if you have trouble understanding our documents or the pages on our website. Please contact us at Just put Plain Language in the subject line.

We have assigned staff to oversee our plain language efforts:

  • Danielle Helta, Plain Language Coordinator

We’re training our employees and have strengthened our oversight process. We must use plain language in any document that does the following:

  • Is necessary for obtaining any federal government benefit or service or filing taxes
  • Provides information about any federal government benefit or service
  • Explains to the public how to comply with a requirement that the federal government administers or enforces

Please let us know if we haven't written a document in plain language by contacting