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Spending by Condition for the Long-Term Care Population Using Medicaid Claims



Health care spending for the nursing home sector has been an understudied topic despite institutionalized long-term care patients often facing higher mortality rates, having numerous and serious comorbidities, and accounting for over $194 billion dollars in personal health care expenditure just… Read more

By Abe C. Dunn, Peter Shieh, Lasanthi Fernando, Charles Roehrig

The Geography of Consumption and Local Economic Shocks: The Case of the Great Recession



Geographic analysis of consumption is often constrained by geographic borders such as counties, but economic agents often cross borders to consume. Using unique card transaction data, we estimate across-county spending flows between firms and consumers for every county in the United States and… Read more

By Abe C. Dunn, Mahsa Gholizadeh

Metropolitan Statistical Area Location Choice by Foreign Direct Investors in the United States



The importance of new foreign direct investment as a vehicle for the formation of productive capital has stimulated interest in understanding why multinational enterprises (MNEs) choose particular locations for their investments. Using data from greenfield investments reported on the BEA Survey… Read more

By Thomas Anderson

The Owner-Premium Adjustment in Housing Imputations



This paper describes and alternative to the rental equivalence and the user cost approaches for imputing consumer expenditures on owner-occupied housing services. The alternative uses the estimated value of the dwelling relative to the median value of similar homes as an adjustment to the rental… Read more

By Bettina H. Aten, Alan Heston